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    is it normal fm to feel so much tightness in neck and even upper front of neck and in between the shoulders i think im going nuts what exacty happens that it gets so tight and sore its like u dont fit in your skin i didnt do any thing to bring on this pain can stess do it i think to much and never feel relaxed please give me some insight on how this dd works im ready to jump off the bridge only kidding but im fedup thanks val
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    I get the same thing you described. Yes, stress is a big, big part of our pain, as we tend to tighten up the muscles in the neck and shoulders when we are stressed!

    That 'racing brain' you just described seems to be part of our problem too. Our minds are jumping from one subject to the other with no rhyme or reason, so again, STRESS!

    I take Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate), 1 before breakfast, and one before lunch with a glass of water. This combination helps with energy and the pain and nerveousness.

    I also take ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) 2 capsules at night for deep sleep. Its a wonder supplement for me, I have never slept this well in my life as I do now since taking the ZMA for 18 months. It has also stopped my RLS and spasms.

    I also take low dose Xanax (0.25mg) at 7pm for the 'racing brain syndrome'. It it the only med that I take, and it does help with that problem.

    Magnesium is so necessary for those with FM/CFS. Its natures natural tranquilizer. It does help heal the muscles, and keeps us from 'tensing them up' so much too.

    MOst of us are deficient in Magnesium.

    You can go to the 'Store' link and read more about Pro Energy and ZMA. Wonderful products.

    Also, try some raw rice socks. YOu take a large mans tube sock, fill it three quarters full of raw rice, tie the ends, you can put them in the microwave for heat or in the freezer for cold compresses. They are wonderful. They will lay gently around the neck and help with the stiffness.

    Hope this helped some Val, I know how miserable this is to live with. Been at it now for 20 plus years now.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Because this DD is a pain in the neck! LOL
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    i think a tense neck is from stress i had sciatica paindown left side for 3 months that went away and for 1 month terrible headaches and pain in necki finally started to see a pain management doctor. he said neck was so tight rope like knot that went own shoulder blade. he gave me 2 trigger point injection shots in the neck tis is a miracle shot within 20 minutes pain was gone that was 4 weeks ago and no pain go back to doctor the22 of sept. the shot hurt but the results of it is magnificant. to me the shot was like a VERY LARGE DOSE OF A MUSCLE RELAXER but without any side effects. id have the shot again if my necks hurts like it did. ask your doctor about the shots. good luck. hope yor feeling better. gail hugs.