Please think of me tomorrow....I'm worried, MRI results!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kacjac, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    Well I go get the results tomorrow @ 3:15pm, on my shoulders, Im barely lifting the right one, it is so painful, I tried to help my housekeeper tonight, and had to be careful with it, but ended up having to sit down anyway, with a heating pad on my lower back! Geez....if it not one thing its a half a dozen others.....
    This month I have had a son in surgery, my husband 2 surgeries, a BIL 2 sugeries, another BIL 1 surgery.
    My granddaughter has surgery coming up, (she's 6) and I just know, my Ortho Doc's going to say I'm next! Sigh!
    Please say a prayer for me, and family!
    God Bless...
    TIA~ Karen
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Consider yourself prayed for. Asking God to give you peace, and healing.
  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    problems. Good luck on your shoulders. I've had both of mine to be frozen, but just let them take their time to get over it and both did.

    Now I'm having a little problem with my right shoulder. I can lift mine and do most things, it is just sleeping on it, can be painful sometimes. I seem to have lost just a tad bit of range of movement when I move it behind me.

    I'm sorry to hear you may have to have surgery. Until your husband gets well, I don't see who you'll have to help you if you do need surgery.

    I hope things work out well for you.

    Prayers and hugs,
  4. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I hurt too, when I sleep on my shoulders, then I get on my back, and my sciatica, kicks in and then my left leg goes numb. I just feel like crying sometimes, along with the insomnia...
    I guess I could hang from the ceiling like a bat LOLOLOLOL
  5. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    Im gonna try and postpone it as long as I can so maybe a friend from San Antonio can come help me, we'll see!
    Im a chicken when it comes to surgery, but I was thinking of doing both shoulders at the same time....I told my husband " Well I couldn't wipe myself, so just put me in a depends" LOL
    Probably not a good idea huh?
  6. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I remembered getting both feet done (spurs)
    and boy was that a painful fiasco!
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  7. Beemer

    Beemer New Member

    don't let them talk you into surgery until you have tried cortisone shots in your arms a few times by a good rheumatalogist. They said I needed surgery. i was so upset. went the rheume. cleared my up in 2 visits. a new person. that was 6 years ago. now its comin g is not a guarantee. try shots first.
  8. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    This started in 2000, I've been with the same Ortho Doc the entire time, he's a good un' :)
    He's gave me those shots since then....I just recieved more a few weeeks ago, and this time (for the first time, sadly, they didn't work....I think I've ran out of time!
    On the xrays he had already seen spurs, and he thinks I also have nerve inpengments! I can't take the pain no longer, Im at the end of my rope!
    thanks for your reply and advice, yes, I would recommend the shots to anyone, they are great!
    ~ Karen
  9. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I may be in more trouble than I thought.....It seems my pain is stemming from the herniated disc in my neck, and now, they are going to set up an appt for me to see the back Dr. They scared me today about having the surgery. They said they would have to go thur the front of my neck. That is the part that is really freaking me out!!!!! Has anyone ever had it done or have any of you heard anything about it? Please let me know, maybe your post can calm my nerves!

  10. sunshine54

    sunshine54 New Member

    I've had 2 anterior cervical fusions. One was on 5/2/05 at C6-C7 by an idiot neurosurgeon. The other one was on 11/29/05 at C5-C6 and new neurosurgeon put a plate over all 4 discs and 6 screws. Going thru the front (I've heard) is much easier than doing a posterior in the cervical area. I had about a week where it was hard to swallow.

    I since had had a lumbar fusion on 1/18/06 which was to be at L4-S1; however, when neurosurgeon got in there I somehow had autofused at L5-S1 so he just fused L4-L5 and put some rods and screws in there.

    I do know neurosurgeon told my husband after 11/29/05 that I would need another surgery for C8-T1 in the near future. Afraid that time is here as having severe shock like pain in my neck and left shoulder blade along with pain in arm and pinkie and ring finger on right arm.

    Had lumbar X-Rays done yesterday at my local PCP's office (cheaper than going to hospital) for monthly follow up on lumbar fusion. Gal who did x-rays said that there were very little space beginning at L3 and going up. Radiologist is to read x-rays and I will pick them up either Wed or Thur.

    I have severe osteoarthritis of the spine, degenerative disc disease, ostephytes (bone spurs) and bulging discs all up and down my spine.

    One question I would ask the surgeon is this: Does fusion surgery weaken the disks above or below the fusion and what are the odds of requiring fusion on those disks?

  11. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    My problems right now, are degenerative disc disease/mild stenosis/ Cervical herniated disc are C5 C6 C7 and Lumbar are L5 & S1.
    The pain in my shoulders are almost unbearable, I cried tonight, I couldn't stand it. I have about 8 Salonpas pads on, and have taken a Vicodin.
    I am in the worst flare of my life, I hurt all over.
    Thanks for any and all prayers.
    I hope more will come in, with more surgery stories.
    TIA ~Karen
  12. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    My DH had the operation twice......many years a part......where they went in from the front to the back.

    There is a good reason for going this route it is not as dangerous and much easier for the Dr. to get to the problem. From the back there is muscles, tendons and all in the way.

    This way is easier, safer and heals faster and not so sore from it all as it is less invasive.

    I know how you feel.....I freaked out the first time I heard they would do this approach. But they know what they are doing and it really is the very best way.

    OH.....scar heals fast and will disappear or at least not really be noticable...........Blessings..........Susan
  13. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I just wanted to let you know you`ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best of luck with whatever treatment you deceide to have done.

  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Your result was scary. I don't know much about this, but I too have two herniated discs that bother me, but are not candidates for surgery. I am reluctant in any case as two people I knew were worse afterwards, but they had theirs done many years ago and maybe things are better now.

    Keep us posted. I know I'd be freaking out too.

    Love Anne C
  15. kbak

    kbak Member

    I'm praying for you and your family! Yes, it sure does seem that when it rains it pours!

    God Bless,
  16. Kinsie

    Kinsie New Member

    My husband had a cervical disc repaired, and the incision was from the front.

    You are in my prayers.


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