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    but Robin could not find his relief. I've gotten so much pleasure from so much of his work, loved his movies and found laughter and sadness in them.

    Listening to NPR and they are doing a whole segment on Robin and many are calling in who knew him, who went to same rehabs as he did, attended same AA meetings he addressed....such sadness from so many of us...some men broke into tears. What a shock to all.

    Rest in Peace, Robin
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    I've been hearing so much on the lonliness of the rich and famous, comedians included and thought this to be a good insight on their lives....

    I'm really missing Robin Williams. And as I was thinking about the contributions comedians make to society, I immediately began thinking about present-day comedians like Bill Burr.

    Here's why people like Bill Burr really have an important voice in a society that's increasingly steeped in insanity:
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    I am so sad to hear of Robin's passing.

    As more info comes out, with his wife saying that he had been diagnosed "early Parkinsons" ... I feel sadder and sadder.

    He was a comic genius. I used to watch his specials on HBO (back when it didn't cost a fortune to get premium cable channels). And I laughed. I didn't just chuckle, I had belly laughs.

    I can understand how he could find living life difficult with that diagnosis. But he was only 63 y/o. I can "only suppose" he didn't want to see himself deteriorate. My opinion only!

    RIP, Robin. You touched a lot of peoples' lives, even just to give us a chuckle on Mork & Mindy. I followed your career longer than that, watched your movies, enjoyed your humor.

    Thanks for what you gave to us! You made the world a happier place.

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    Diane, your words choked me up....his death has been such an impact as he gave so many so much pleasure.

    I've been feeling so down myself in recent months and often feel, it would be so much better not to be here, truly, this goes thru my sorrow for me PLEASE....but I could not do what he I've coined it as an act of cowardly courageous.

    I have a friend with advancing kidney failures, long story and I wrote about it here, and she could not go on with her decline so she ended her life with the help of her MD... Talk about courage huh....many many people miss her too.

    I will not condem anyone who does this, we don't walk in their shoes. jam