Pleeeeeeeeeease pray for my son.

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    My son again disappeared yesterday. It's now a little past 8 a.m. the next day. He's an addict (prescription, over-the-counter, street junk (He recently admitted to "trying" crack three times. Usually when someone like him will admit to something he knows is wrong, the real amount of use is much greater.), and has in the past month added alcohol to the mix. He's had a couple of grand mal seizures (probably because of the drugs, but the test results aren't in yet), so he may also have epilepsy. He lies, steals, and destroys my property, and he even tries to destroy my faith. He blasphemes in the worst possible way (Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint as I have said some things I shouldn't have....however, I would be truly frightened to even begin to say the things he has). His mood swings are scary, and before he left he was laughing as he was sharpening one of his pocket knives and mockingly saying,"Ooooooh, I'm gonna' burn in hell." And to think at one time he was a sweet little boy who asked Jesus into his heart at the tender age of five. When he was younger, I read the Bible to him, along with many Bible story books, took him to church and Sunday School, and also had him in a Christian School for a few years. Please pray he will come to his senses and stop using drugs and return to the Lord. If you read my other posts about him, you'll understand more. This is a desperate situation as he has been known to be suicidal. I don't want to loose him under any circumstances but particularly with his so openly turning his back on Christ. Thank you and God bless each of you.
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    morning. Do you belong to a church or is there a large church nearby where you can talk to someone right pray for you? I can hear the desperation and fright in your voice and you need to talk to someone to help you.

    God bless you and give you peace.
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    JUst wanted to let you know I will be praying for your son and for you.

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    I'm glad you found my last posting - I'm still here for you and praying for your son too.

    If your son asked God into his life when he was five then I really do believe and trust, somewhere deep in his heart, God still resides. I am still thinking that he has been taken over by his drug abuse. I also truly believe that good does come out of bad and that maybe he has to go through these awful times in order that he can find his way back to God again. Do you know that some of the most dynamic Christians I have ever met are reformed drug addicts who reached the pits in life and then clutched at the cross in a final act of desperation? I'm praying that will be the case for your son too. I trust God in his purpose.

    Do you have a church supporting you? I do hope so as it is very important that you stay absolutely resolute in your faith when it is being so strongly challenged and I shall pray for God's protection for you at this time.

    I am sure many will offer their prayers for you and your son. Please keep us posted on how you both are.

    Love and hug
    Music Teacher (UK)

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    and know people do read here. I know it helps me if I have a name in my head... even a nickname. I am hoping for solutions for you both. It must hurt horribly. I am so sorry.
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    about my son yrs. ago. Altho I haven`t seen him in 15 yrs., he called not too long ago from Calif. crying for me to forgive him. I am lifting your son to our God in prayer & I hurt for you so~~~~~with love and hope, sib
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    Dear Sweetpeas,
    You and your son are in my prayers as I am going through the same thing with my son. We finally had to ask him to move out as our home was in a constant uproar with him and I have 2 other children to think about. check my posts about feeling overwhelmed. I know your hurting and it is hard to understand why this is happening, but until they hit bottom, can they see the only way is up and that is with the help of Jesus.
    In Christ our precious Savior,
  8. Lupian

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    Please be present in this situation, giving peace to the mother and taking care of the son. Lord, turn him around, please, and back to You. Remove all desire for any kind of drug or alcohol from him, and bring him back to his senses. Show him, Father, how he is ruining his own body, as well as mind, with all that he puts in it, trying to escape reality. Show him, Lord, that reality with You is wonderful - your mercies are new every morning and your blessings never end. Father, you know a woman's heart, a mother's heart, so I ask that you would give a special help to this young man's mother so she is no longer in fear for her boy, but believes that you are working in him to bring him back to what he needs to do.
    Thank you, dear Father, in Jesus' Name
  9. Sandyz

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    I am sorry your going through so much with your son. I will be praying that he can turn his life around. Don`t lose hope.

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    Funny you should mention getting in touch with a church nearby if I didn't belong to one.....I actually did that two days ago. Although the pastor seemed a bit liberal, I may visit his church soon. He was quite kind in praying for me over the phone. No, I have been "unchurched" for the past 3+ yrs. since the pastoral staff at the church we were attending discovered my son's drug problem. I don't blame other people for my being out of church. At the time I joined that particular church (the denomination of which was pretty different from the one I was raised in and still believe is on-target biblically), I was not living the life I should have....and undoubtedly joined that church so I could more easily rationalize some things that weren't quite right. I know the perfect church isn't there, and if it were and I joined, it would cease to be perfect. 'Just looking for a good Bible-believing church that isn't afraid to teach the uncompromising Word.

    Thank you so much, Sun, for your continued responses to my posts. You are sweet to ask about me and pray for me. May God continue to richly bless you, dear Sun.

    Hugs to you,
  11. sweetpeas

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    We need all the prayers we can get. Blessings to you!
  12. sweetpeas

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    How on earth (oops, bad's gotta' be from heaven, right?) have you dealt with not having seen your son for fifteen years? You must have bombarded heaven's gates with your prayers over the years. What exactly helped turn the tide for him?? Do you have other children? Any insights you're willing to share from your experience (and his) would be ever-so-appreciated. Bless you, dear Cinn, for your concern. Hope to hear from you.
  13. sweetpeas

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    I am very sorry to hear you've been/are going down the same road I am. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, let alone anyone on this terrific board! I wish I had other children that were "normal".....I would imagine that would be a great comfort. But then again, who knows, if I had had another child, that one might have turned out even worse than this one! Ya' never know what those genes, chromosones, and whatever else is out there will turn up with! Even though my son is my only child, he really does put everything in an uproar. Do you have contact with yours? How are you dealing with his addiction? Would like to have you share any insights.
    Love and God's blessings to you,
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    Thank you, thank you for your very kind and spirit-inspired prayer for my son! Prayers mean more to me than anything on this planet. I would rather have prayers said for my son or me any day than anything else. To me, prayer is the best gift anyone can give me, and yours was tremendous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love, (((((hugs))))), and prayers to you!
  15. sweetpeas

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    Thank you, Sandy. I am trying not to give up hope. Sometimes it's easy to lean in that direction. Your prayers are always coveted and much appreciated! :)
  16. sweetpeas

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    Thank you, Lois, prayers are still needed.
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    Sweetpeas, I to have a problem with my son he is now 26 and his problems started at ten.It has been a long scary road But I know in Gods time it will be all taken care of.My son is in jail again for probation violation before that he was missing for 4 months. Keep praying that God will fill him with the Urge to change and know that you cannot change him yourself.It will only happen when he is ready.I truly believe that the lord will lift up my son and I will pray for yours also. I am sending warm and gentle hugs from Georgia. If you havent read the book please read "Tough love"
    it is very hard to do but very necasary with children like ours.Because they will manipulate and blame and play on the mother in you ever chance they can.While the rest of your family falls apart because of all the energy that you have to direct to that one child.And all the tension they cause in your them unconditionaly but don't let them ruin the rest of your family.
  18. cinnabarsib

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    be so caring for others in your time of need. He is my only child, raised him as a single mom. When I did get married, he just could not stand it! Plus, problems as you`re having had begun. I lost one baby & my son was sooooo spoiled by his Grandma,& my Grandma~raised in God`s love, had my hand`s full!~Ya know sweetpeas, I believe my son has untreated depression. I wish he would call again~I love him so!~ & I hurt for your pain and your son`s as well. So many of us are praying & may you both be wrapped in God`s love and peace.~~~~with hope and love,Sib (((((()))))))
  19. Dulcimerkid

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    Dear Sweetpeas,
    Yes we have contact with our son he moved next door with my parents. My mother could not bear for him to have no place to go. He doesn't have his license or a car so he can't even sleep there as an option. We have it arranged with my parents that if he wants to come over to get anything he must call first. He can't just come over and walk right in.
    He got arrested the day he moved out and because of that the job he had he got fired from because he was on probation and someone showed the manager the newpaper blotter with his arrest listed. he has no money and he has gotten deeply in debt in a month and a half.
    My church family for the most part are very supportive, I am embarrassed and very upset with my son that he is making the choices he is making and causing so much hurt. I have the disadvantage of being the adoptive mom. Somewhere out there is the perfect birth mom who would have done everything right and he wouldn't her for what is wrong. He hasn't said that but his problems are our fault. Not his, at least that is what he convinced the christian counselor we took him to.
    I just know that the Psalm I posted earlier is what I have been hanging on to. This has deepened my faith as I lean on Jesus for strength!!!!
    May it be the same for you.
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    I'm so sorry, Side, that you have walked this road even longer than I. Wow, to think your son is 26. Yes, I have read the book, "Tough Love." I agree with most of the precepts presented in it; however, I don't believe (or at least I don't recall) it addresses the dual diagnosis-type rebellious adult child (i.e., severe depression and addiction). One psychiatrist I spoke with plus "Dr. Phil" (and, no, I'm not a Dr. Phil devotee) said that Tough Love has been known to backfire and actually be the cause of completed suicides, a rarely publicized fact. As my son has been suicidal and has actually attempted it, I have to proceed with a certain amount of caution that perhaps I wouldn't otherwise. Those of us with dual dx kids have the tough job of ferreting out the manipulative ploys from the legit pain of our problematic kids. Is your son dual dx? Thank you for your concern. I will pray for your son as well as others on this board dealing with really tough problems. God bless.