plenty of good sleep and STILL tired!

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    anyone know why this is happening?? i can go to bed at midnight, 11, 10, 9, or sometimes even 8... (NO insomnia whatsoever!)- i am sound asleep in about 30 seconds, and sleep like a ROCK all night........ but have a hard time waking up at 8 or even 9 AM. not to mention feeling like i've been hit by a mack truck every morning. even my lungs are sore.
    i am about to begin a new line of work that may involve very LONG hours of work, which will rarely include sitting down! i am *hoping* that being forced into it will be energizing, but i am also very worried that my poor old bod will fail me. also, we may be talking about very minimal hours of sleep here, AND getting up extremely early... like 5 or 6 AM. and we absolutely cannot be late, ever. and i'm one of those people who can turn off all 3 alarm clocks, set 10 minutes apart, in my sleep, no problem. to tell you the truth, i'm very worried about it. i CANNOT let on that i have any physical problems. i am hoping this will be my key out of poverty... and that once there is a little more money, i can afford all those necessary luxuries like massages and proper health care, once again... and also hoping that it will help the fincncial stress/depression level, which will in turn help everything else, including the physical problems. it's just getting over the initial hump that is terrifying.
    if only it were possible to somehow "condense" your sleeping repair work! which makes me wonder, if your body is still not refreshed after 8 or MORE hours of sleep, what in god's name is going on in there??? i feel as if i *NEVER* ever have enough.

    how do you all deal with this~???

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    I understand what you mean. I can go to bed early or late, and get a full 8 hours. I feel so exhausted by evening I need a nap which is about 2-3 hours and still feel tired.
    Ill wake up feeling my bed was a free way and I had been trampled by zillions of cars. lol My doctor says its from depression. Which going through this is alot of mental exhaustions as it is. I hope your new job works out for you, dont overload yourself though. It can make matters worse.


  3. PatPalmer

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    The fatigue could be just about anything. But as your lungs hurt,you could be in the early stages of something which needs medical treatment,
    Have you sought any medical help yet? and do you smoke?

    The new job sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you force yourself to do this I know you will get worse and may end up not being able to work at all - maybe for years. Don`t do it....

    You will be going against everything you are at present and cannot possibly make the body do what is too much at this time. It`ll fail you. Get sorted first then move on.

    It is shouting I have something wrong, I need sleep and I hurt. PLEEEASE listen to it, rest + sleep all you can and get advice to eliminate anything potentially serious.

    If it turns out you have a viral or bacterial infection, you could give "Olive Leaf Extract" a go, it`s a natural antibiotic and fantastic stuff, not expensive either.

    If your diet is mainly processed foods, then eat as natural as you can + take Vitamin supplements.

    I am very concerned for you, please let me know what you do.

    A very caring, Pat.
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    I have to agree with Pat, above. You're cruisin' for a bruisin' I'm afraid, with your body. I have the same problem with the sleep thing, and it seems to me that I am sleeping soundly for most of the night. But waking in the morning is so hard for me to do. And armies of men have been tromping all over me during the night!

    I lost the job I had that was good and easy for me, so I got a part-time Christmas job in my old field (just being a sales associate in a busy department store). I actually had very little pain while there, and I made it through the days quite well, but when I got home at night I about died from exhaustion. After my 5 holiday weeks were up, I was pretty much praying for it to end. And then I crashed! Here it is a month later, and I still haven't recuperated from the flare my body went into when it was allowed to relax again. And keep in mind that I loved the job and being back with the public again.

    I guess you can do anything when you are forced to, but that doesn't mean that your body wants it to be done, and it will definitely speak back!

    Good luck to you,
  5. lunabella

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    you guys are so helpful!!
    pat- NO WAY do i smoke!! in fact i detest cigarette smoke with a vengance and am extremely offended by smoking. too bad most everyone i know does it. kind of hard to have a social life w/o coming into contact with it.... *sigh*.
    if only it were an accepted routine in our society to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE to feed your addiction. but it's almost impossible to avoid it completely. for instance, last night, at a friend's house, on her apt. patio... i was in the middle of several very interesting conversations, meanwhile everyon'e puffing away, and i'm surrounded by it. people just don't even think twice about it, unfortunately.

    i appreciate the warning about the job change. believe me, i AM scared.... but also desperate, it seems to be the only option right now, or at least the best.... am *hoping* that once i get into it, my energy will kick in. but, at least there's a few things i could fall back on if the whole thing fails.
    also, i DID take a rest- was essentially unemployed for the better part of 2 yrs (a couple yrs back), incurring a huge debt to my bf... and NOTHING good came out of it. i was trying to take a break & heal from burnout, but only fell into a black hole that it became harder & harder to crawl back out of... and on top of that, the debt situation...
    my diet is great.... i used to work in a health food store & learned a lot about nutrition/cooking/food. it's been even better for the past few wks, on the advice of a holistic doc, i cut out ALL caffiene (which was hard being a chocolate-addict)... and sugar. i stay away from processed foods, & have tried to buy as much organic as possible for several yrs now. have also been taking magnesium/potassium aspartate and floradix (blood/iron booster) every day for the past few wks. but, still feel as sore/achy/tired as ever. although, the doc says it may take a month or more before any changes are noticed. at this point i don't have much hope/faith anything will work, but if it does, it will be a *very* pleasant surprise, and suffice it to say, i will be OVERJOYED and devote my life to whatever works!!!
    thanks so much for your concern & advice. i will keep the olive leaf info in mind too...

    mel- guess i don't really know for sure about the sleep thing, except that i sleep so soundly and do dream every night... how can you tell for sure if you're getting all the stages, short of expensive medical tests?
    so-- what is ZMA?? it's probably on here somewhere, i'll have to look it up.... god, help with muscle pain?? i'd do anything for that right now!

    kathy- sorry to hear of your post-job difficulty. hope you can find something steady/less strenuous soon. working around the holidays is ALWAYS stressful on your whole system!!

    sunny- never heard of that... do you have any more info?

    misty- yeah, i know what you mean! and, thanks!

  6. bonwar

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    Hi Luna

    Since I got FM three years ago I have had 2 days when I woke up NOT feeling crappy and exhausted. I sleep lots and never "catch up", but getting less sleep than I like makes it way worse. I don't think it has anything to do with depression, it has to do with being sick. Though being sick DOES make you depressed.

    I would advise you to think carefully about taking on any job that's going to be really hard on your system because you don't want to get worse. I quit a really good job when I realized I was not going to get better. My income is now about one quarter of what I did before (bleah) but I have also changed my outlook on life - not easy! - but healthier!

    I also moved to a cheaper city and it turns out the dryness is great for FM!

    cheers and luck

    PS. I almost forgot to tell you about the lungs! My lungs are sore too, as if I'm getting over bronchitis or breathing in smoke or something. Sometimes every breath is sore. Just part of the yucky FM package...


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    Sleep is at the heart of many of the symptoms we with CFS and FMS experience. Although you may be sleeping 8-10 hours a night, it is the stages of sleep that are important. It is not quantity of sleep that is important---it is the quality.
    We need Delta or Stage 4, to not be sleep deprived, and to decrease our CFS/Fibro symptoms.
    Stage 4 or deep sleep is where the healing takes place. It is the time that the body does repair. If you wake up with the feeling you have been hit by a mack truck, still tired, aching, etc., it is the results of not enough stage 4, deep sleep, repairative sleep.

    I have copied the following from a website, and if you are interested you can find it by typing sleepdoctor, and its a dot com.

    Stage 3 and 4 or Delta sleep: Stage 2 sleep evolves into "Delta" sleep or "slow wave" sleep in approximately 10-20 minutes and may last 15-30 minutes. It is called "slow wave" sleep because brain activity slows down dramatically from the "theta" rhythm of Stage 2 to a much slower rhythm of 1 to 2 cycles per second called "delta" and the height or amplitude of the waves increases dramatically. In most adults these two stages are completed within the first two 90 minute sleep cycles or within the first three hours of sleep. Contrary to popular belief, it is delta sleep that is the "deepest" stage of sleep (not REM or the dream stage) and the most restorative. It is delta sleep that a sleep-deprived person's brain craves the first and foremost. In children, delta sleep can occupy up to 40% of all sleep time and this is what makes children unwakeable or "dead asleep" during most of the night.
    here is also some confusion about the Dream Stage--it is NOT a restorative or repairing stage--like Stage 4 sleep that we are so much in need of with these disorders. Here is an excerpt from the same website:

    REM stage or Rapid Eye Movement--is the time of dreaming and increased brain activity.

    ยท Stage 5: REM (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep): This is a very active stage of sleep. Composes 20-25 % of a normal nights sleep. Breathing, heart rate and brain wave activity quicken. Vivid Dreams can occur. Sleep Specialists call this 5th stage of sleep "REM" rapid eye movement sleep because if one is to watch a person in this stage, their eyes are moving rapidly about. After REM stage, the body usually returns to Stage 2 sleep.

    So, it is very important, when trying to ease symptoms of Fibro or Chronic Fatigue, that we address our sleep issues. This is especially true, if you are going to tax your body in a new line of work, with added stress, energies, and less sleep.

    Best Wishes, LL
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    You've gotten some great advice from these guys but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. You mentioned that you're hoping that after you start the new job your enery will kick in and you'll be able to handle the long hours, etc. You sound so much like I "used" to. I have always thought that if I put my mind to it and "just did it" I could do whatever I wanted and for many years it worked, mostly! I would work long hours, do overtime (because nobody else wanted to) keep a spotless house, take care of hubby and the kids and so on and so on. You know the deal...I thought I was superwoman and I couldn't depend on anybody but myself to do things the way I wanted them done. Unfortunately I think this DD is your body's way of saying "I've had enough!" By the time I was diagnosed with FM last October I was a mess. I still worked but I was missing a lot of time from work and on the days that I was there I was so tired I was miserable. I would go to the ladies room and sit for 30-45 minutes just to rest and during lunch I would go to my car and take a nap. I was in a fog mostly and would start to talk and forget what I was saying before I finished the sentence. And all during this time, I was sleeping every night but waking up feeling like someone beat me with a baseball bat. And absolutely no amount of sheer will power made any difference. So I guess what I'm saying is to listen to your body. It's actually a pretty intelligent machine. I would hate for you to get into a job that will be hard to keep up with and that the stress of that alone may make your symptoms worse. But whatever you decide, I wish you Good Luck!!