PLEZZZZZE HELP!! Bumps from sun

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by funnygirl1960, Jan 7, 2004.

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    And A Healthy Happy New Year To All. My new year is starting on a wonderful note. My older sister and I are having a double wedding ceremony, I chose to have it on the anniversary of my mother and father as this day has been sad (rather than happy) since my mother lost her love back in 1992, so perhaps this will again be a day for my mother to reflect and smile.
    I really need some personal help here though. I am educated in the risk of sun exposure so don’t need any info on that. I just need help and some answers on this particular issue!
    I have an olive complexion and in the past never had problems in the sun.
    However In the past ten years as I’ve gotten older this has changed. Now any exposure to the sun leaves itchy red bumps, they aren’t all small, most are the size of a dime. I turned to fake tan creams when I wanted to look slightly tanned for an occasion. My question to you is this? I really would like to be able to tan for this one occasion, I’m getting married the 29th of this month and wearing a sleeveless “off white” dress. I have noticed no matter how many tanning creams say they don’t stain, they do somewhat and I can’t risk that right now. I am wondering if anyone with these symptoms has tried benadryl or any other types of antihistamines. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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    Hi 'funnygirl1960', I'm not sure what is causing your bumps. But since you get it from sun exposure, maybe you have a sensitivity to the sun? I'm not sure, but there are some topics that I recommend you to take a look at: Physical Urticaria, Urticaria. You can do a search on it,
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    I too have olive skin and could "sun-worship" all I wanted when I was young with no consequences. That is until about ten years ago as well. Same bumpy problem. Sun also makes me feel so lousy. I used to have the nicest tan in the family, now I'm all "pasty white". I have used a good quality foundation for "picture occassions" and that has worked well. I can cover my neck and shoulders with a nice foundation and then bronzing powder and then at least look like I'm related to my family. I like the foundations that come in the compact--I use Victoria's Secret, but you can't get that everywhere.
    I hope it helps and have a lovely wedding
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    Your bumps or patches could be a type of tinea. Try an anti-fungal creme and see how that works. I am no doc, but have had skin problems from the sun (spots and patches you have described). Tinactin treatments dissolved the problem!!
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    Hi funnygirl1960,
    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I have the same problem that you do and therefore I stay out of the sun and tanning booths. Last year my niece got married in The Bahamas and I wanted to get a base tan before I went. My sister-in-law e-mailed me about Tantowels. The are a self-tanning towelette and all you do is rub the towelette over your face or body and you get a rich looking tan with no staining whatsoever. I don't remember the website to get them, but I'm told that QVC ( sells them and you can also type "TanTowel" in your browser and that will direct you----I bought mine from a bodybuilders site. Best wishes to you and your families...enjoy your wedding day and *hint* don't wear a watch on your special day, just enjoy it. Sunflower Pat
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    Hi funnygirl, Some medications can cause wierd skin stuff in the sun (read the PDR or ask the pharmacist) I have two meds that say stay oou of the sun while taking them, and I do also have red bumps (smaller than yours) due to sun and meds. I just dont know which one or ones. Good Luck
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    hello,hope your special day is wonderfully blessed!!
    i would not want to take a chance on having either a natural tan(with the bumps) or an artificial one(that may streak,stain,or even cause an allergic reaction). i bet your hubby to be accepts you as you are!!
    getting those sunshine natural tans are not great on the skin and in addition to skin cancer that nice tan many have will eventually prematurally age our skin,yuck again.
    allergies,sensitivitives,medication reactions,tough-wrinkled skin,cancer...
    i choose to stay clear of these things.
    what-ever you choose to do,i wish you both many happy years togther!!
    GOD BLESS. km :)