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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, May 1, 2006.

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    Here is a site that is located where my boyfriend lives, 1 hour from me. I have been doing research on it, which to me looks pretty darn good. I will be making an appointment there, then taking up with them for the "meyers cocktail" I need all the help I can. So sick and tired of being sick and tired. Even though I have good remissions, my relapses are horrible too. The centre seems to know what I need, and also have qualified specialists for fibro/chronic fatigue which I love. Has anyone had this meyers cocktail IV theraphy??? or any of this information at all done to them...I am looking forward to it, as I have done everything else and I am still relapsing and sick. I am willing to try just about anything to improve my life....hard on us eh? gezz!!!! I hate to feel like this all the dam time. In the last week, my daughter has come home from school looking at me with this funny look. I know what she is thinking too, "wow she looks terrible, is she ever going to come out of this one, or "she's sleeping again" I have some guilt with this too, just can't help it....hate to feel and look like this....I will never give up on this illness... sharon5650 up here in the city of Montreal...
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    this looks like a great place. Best wishes to you in getting help there.

    I see an M.D. and a D.O. who do many of the tests that are listed on this site, and they have really helped to pin down some of my underlying issues. When you know what is wrong, then you have something to work towards.

    I am suprised they can do Myers cocktails in a naturopath office. Not sure they can in the states. Do they also provide glutathione IV's? According to my testing, I had trouble with the glutathione part of detoxing, and have gotten glutathione iv's for the past year. It has literally saved my life and improved my health greatly. Something to consider.

    I suppose a drawback to an N.D. is that they can't prescribe medicines. Do these docs work with M.D.s or are they able to make referrals or jointly serve you so that you can get the best of both worlds?

    I see an N.D. for NAET allergy treatment. i think it has helped a bit--not positive.

    Blessings to you. Jen102
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    I go to the FFC and got the meyer's cocktail for 4 weeks. I felt worse then day of and then the day after. After the 4 wseeks I stopped them b.c I felt no relief and they were expensive.

    I think some people have liked them though. I don't think it is a cure but like anything else can give you a little boost.

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