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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Oct 28, 2006.

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    My Rheumy called me on Friday & told me the results of my bloodwork. She told me my potassiam was low, so I should eat banana's. I explained that I have Interstitial Cystitis & banana's are contraindicated, so I can't eat them. She said well, it's not low enough for her to prescribe potassiam, so I should just eat something - Gggggrrrr! Things w/ potassiam are on the "no no" list for IC!!

    Then she made a comment about my blood "protein" being low. I asked what that meant & she said it could indicate malnutrition. Then she went on that it was not necessary for me to come in, as there was not anything she was able to do for me. Of course if I was still not feeling better in several months, then make another appt.

    Well, 5 minutes later, an assistant from her office called & asked for my PCP's name & phone #. She wanted to speak to my PCP regarding something about me. She did NOT mention to me anything about that! I am freaking out about the comment regarding low protein & malnutrition! I'm also concerned about some of the other comments she made to me.

    I am now waiting until I get a copy of the bloodwork in the mail - then I will bring it to my PCP.

    I tried to research low blood protein - some of what I found indicates it could be a possible kidney or liver problem (in addition to malnutrition) so why jump to conclusions? Has anyone heard of this before?

    Thanks for any input!

  2. Gothbubbles

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    The good news: You don't need a prescription to take potassium! I have a supplement of it myself. I don't take it because it interacts with my heart meds. You can buy it at vitamin stores.

    Might want to do some research on effectively taking it, there may be different types of the potassium, and better times of the day to take it (plus certain dosages might be better than others)

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