Pls help me regain my faith

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Irish66, Apr 12, 2004.

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    I just started reading some of the posts on this board, and realized how much help and prayer I need. Somewhere between my mother's death and my mother in law's death (both from cancer), my chronic illnesses (MS and Fibro), and my husband's problems, I've lost my faith.

    I grew up Protestant, converted to Catholicism after marrying a divorced Catholic. My husband refuses to seek an annulment and will not go to church. I think I converted for all the wrong reasons.

    Right now, I don't even care what church I go to, that's not important, but I don't even have the desire to go to church.

    I hear people talking about the Bible and part of my brain says "prove to me that this wasn't all fiction". That scares the heck out of me!

    I just feel so lost and don't know where to turn. Have to admit I'm not comfortable with current priest, so that's not my first choice. I try to pray, but the prayers won't come.

    Can anyone offer me some help?
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    You say you love to read, hopefully that includes the bible. I've never been able to just sit down and read scripture straight from the Bible. The best present I ever received was at christmas this past year from my mom. ?It was a One Year Bible. It is read One day at a time and at the end of the year, I will have read the whole bible. I pray that you find wonderful book like this and I also pray that you continue coming to this Worship board asking for prayers. These two things, plus my faith, have been my saviours. You'll find so many giving people here. May the Lord bless you and stay by your side to give you comfort, peace, and the strength to endure.

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    Sending prayers up for you. With all the different religions and beliefs in the world, its hard to know what to believe. I think that is part of our hardship on this earth... trying to figure it out.

    I don`t think it matters what faith you are, but that you believe. Go to a church, or read a book about spiritality, whatever you get something out of. The most important thing is that God is in you... that God spark is in all of us and we need a relationship with him to feel fullfilled.

    God loves you and that`s all he wants. He wants to love you, his child, and for you to love him back. I think sometimes we make it all to complicated. Get back to basics and let God back in your life. He`s been waiting patiently for you.

  4. Irish66

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    I want to thank all of you who responded to my post. Debbie, I printed your message and have it posted post at home and at work.

    I do not have support here. I tried to talk to one of my husband's sisters, and was told to go to confession. I don't think I'm quite ready for that.

    However, I do believe that God does work in mysterious ways. I sell books on the internet, so I go to a lot of rummage sales to buy books. I went to one today at a local church. They had a lot of religious books for sale, and as I was buying them, I struck up a conversation with one of the volunteers. One thing led to another, and the next I knew, I was sitting in a back room with her crying my eyes out! It was the best thing that I could have done. This woman was wonderful - she let me cry it all out, and prayed with me. I can honestly say that this was the first time I've really prayed in years.

    I still have a long way to go, because I know now I'm fighting some strong forces, but now I think I might make it.

    It's interesting - a lot of the books I bought were ones I should be, and will be reading. I want to find that one somewhere here talked about - reading the Bible in a year, or something like that.

    Anyway, thanks for your help and continued prayers. I think I've taken my first baby steps along the way.

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    I heard on the radio (a CHristian station) that "faith" stands for Father Alone It's Too Hard. Without Christ, life is too hard. The Bible has so much wisdom and guidance. It tells us that if we seek Him with all our hearts we will find Him. In fact, He stands at the door to our hearts and knocks, waiting to be let in. When I get in my depressions, I usually turn towards the psalms. They are short, easy to read, full of emotion and passion. As far as prayer goes, don't worry about not having the words to say. The Bible tells us that when we don't have the words the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with moanings and groanings. Also, Christ gave us the Lord's prayer as an example of how to pray.
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    Just wanted to add my two cents worth too.

    I have felt that "lost" feeling off and on through out my life. I started going to a small non-denomational church about 4 years ago. Their belief is not to be relegious but to have a personal relationship with God and to understand how much he loves each one of us. This environment is very relaxed, no pressures and offers lots of ways to connect with people and to learn about the Bible at your own pace and in a way that can be understood. I have met some awesome people through this church from all walks of life and religions.

    About 3 years ago I was faced with a lot of hard things--problems with my marriage, work & health issues. I ended up very depressed. It was in that time period that I discovered Positive Life Radio. I found it on the radio one day when I was traveling out of my normal service area for work and it was the only station I could get to come in on the radio--and I have listened to it every day since. Lots of wonderful praise and worship songs, prayer requests and stories of all kinds of people, their hardships, their joys and answered prayers. It is amazing how much I have learned from singing and learning new songs about our Lord and everyday things.

    My "Little" church has grown a lot--we need 3 services on Sunday to accodomate our people, but I still go when I can and know that I have good people I can call on when I feel the deep, dark hole is sucking me in.

    My husband does not share my faith & does not want anything to do with it. Over time he finally understands that I go to church for "me". In fact I think he likes it when I go to church or some function because he has the house to himself.

    I was bapitzed Catholic, went to Catholic Church when I was young and again part of the time while I was in High School. From 5th grade through High School I attended Mormon Church.--probably because that is where my friends went. While I did not believe all of the beliefs of the Mormon Church I still continued to go and participate in a variety of the youth functions. Looking back it probably kept me out of trouble and I really did have a lot of fun too.

    I'm glad you found someone to talk with today and to share some of your feelings.

    I pray that you will find what you are looking for. Please post again and let us know how you are.
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    Dear irish,
    Please read my post on this board for a start to help you in your faith. Write back. I would love to help you more.
    (dying and He appeared to me") post name

    Love in Jesus,


  8. Irish66

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    I read your post and cried (I seem to be doing that more and more these days). I'm working every day on it. It's funny - I've replied to some posts on the other message boards and tell people, "I'll be praying for you" and mean it. Maybe I don't feel I'm worthy?

    Who knows. Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do this weekend. I know I won't go to church because I can't sit that long, but I'll see what I can do at home.

    Maybe I started finding the answer just by writing the message. I know I'm not there yet, because my mind still tells me to doubt sometimes. I'll keep plugging away!

    I found a book at a garage sale today called "A Handbook for Christian Maturity". It's a "practical, easy to follow guide to the exciting adventure of joyful Christian living". It looks like something that may help. It was written by Bill Bright. There are 11 "steps". I'm going to start reading that this weekend.

    Thanks again to all of you. With your help, I'll keep trying!
  9. Scoobsmom

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    not so much with my faith..but why the trials can wear me down so helps knowing that, as Stidham stated, sometimes we are unable to pray for knowing others who are believers, are lifting us up to the Throne.

    That is such a wonderful gift..and the Holy Spirit is able to take our groans and make them as a prayer to our Heavenly Father...AMEN!

    So, know that your desire is a sign of faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!