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    I don't know what i've got but i've been sick for four years and have been getting sicker and sicker but Neuro, and Rheumo do not know what it is! Usually I post in the CFS/Fibro message boards, let me tell you why i'v finaly decided to go here. Pls. if you may, refer to all my notes there if you wish under HAZYGAL... First is there anyway I can transfer my writings over to this board? I finally felt better for the first time really in three years... SO much energy. Next day, I got hot and then cold and stomach felt icky it was cold and I was hot even though I didn't have a temp. I've been back to the way I was since, in bed! I miss my old self so much... I've figured it has got to be my immune system... Is there anyway I can find out that it is? Can I request to see an Immunologist and if so can they help me so I can be like I was on Sunday... I so depressed about being back like I was I wish I would just...... never mind... someone out there like me?
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    Hazygal: I'm very sorry you're suffering. I can relate to your frustration! I miss my old self, too!
    Are you looking into the Candida/healthy gut area?
    Thinking of tryint Tranfer Factor? I am researching both right now.
    I'm not sure about the immunologist question. Keep reading, researching, and don't give up. You will feel better! I'll say a prayer for you tonight.
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    Thankyou, I appreciate that, and no I haven't looked those areas up but i've heard of it... Is there someway to be tested to see if i've got an autoimmune disease do you know? I've got to get better 'cause i've got small children. And my husband is doing all the work, plus he works very hard at his job. Thankyou for your prayers.... I wish there was a test to find out if i've got an autoimmune disease....