Pls help No Memory left !!!! what is going on..???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I don't know what is going on lately, but my dam memory is really fading. I realize the meds don't help with this, but wow, I am actually thinking of getting tested for alzeimers its getting so bad. I am forgetting events and names, phones numbers...things I did yesterday or the week before...or just lately. I am trying now to think of a authors name of a book who has fibromyalgia...just saw it on the internet lately. Things sometimes will come back at the weirdest times, but sometimes they never come back, do you think this can be part of the illness or all the meds we are on...and the side affects. I am so scared of this, I like to be alert and know what the hell is going on all time. I feel like a mental case sometimes when people talk to me, I feel drugged and lethergic at times, just not with it!!! and sometimes I feel people are looking at me and saying " what is up with her, she doesn't know what is going on" when really I am smart good looking woman who is well put together everywhere but the memory lately. Pls let me know if anyone feels like this at times.....sharon5650 by the way...I suffer from fibromyaliga and chronic fatigue.....both of them....have bad relapses but good remissions too...
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    I have bad memory too. I think it is just the FMS , not only the meds. I had that before I ever started the meds. I would be driving, & forget where I was, or where I was even going. SCARY. I can go to the store, & only need to pick up 2 things, & forget what they were before I had the items picked up I am awful @ peoples names, faces, etc. Don't feel bad. I doubt it's Alzheimers. Good luck, I hope it improves soon :)
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    It's late at night and my mind is cloudy.

    When I first read the topic, I thought your were talking about COMPUTER MEMORY!!!!!! LOL

    It said Pls Help No Memory Left!!! What's Going On!! and I just thought, oh no - she's going to have to get a new computer!!! LOL

    I need help, too!!!! LOL

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    What was I saying anyway? I have had CFS and brain fog for about 25 years. Now I am in my 60's and it's getting worse so it's probably the beginning of Alzheimer's.

    I do my best to be systematic. The car keys always go here; the bills get put here, etc. Even so stuff has a way of disappering.

    I let other people deal w/ as much as possible and try not to get too upset when my brain won't function properly. (But sometimes I get upset anyway.)
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    I can believe people want you to take on meetings, soccer, etc. They just have no clue. I wish we could have a magic wand to wave on people to give them fibro for just a day when we are in a flare, which is like everyday, or every other. I wish you luck. I was lol too! I hope your kids grow up to help you out. My hubby is pretty good about helping when I need it. Sometimes the guilt trip comes into effect, because he's worked all day, & been on his feet. I don't like to ask for help. I think all fibro people are good on giving ourselves the guilt trip. Like we can help it, NOT!! I wish I felt like the energizer bunny. Good luck, & thanks for the advice. Hugs :)
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    I know that I am going through a deeper fibro fog right now. But I have that in spurts. So relax and do not fret about it....really.

    I also have CFIDS/FIBRO and Cfids is the worse part. I have found out the following what increases my Fibro fogs.....

    Physical and mental stress,

    Physical being my allergys and being around anyone with perfume and such. I have to be careful on all that I use for clothes laundry, personal hygiene, cleaning and all. Plus candles and such.

    Someone dropping something off to you.....the bag might of been stored next to something with a aroma, that others will usually not smell. A magazine laying with our mail. We are feeling bad and do not know why.....and you discover a perfume sample in the magazine.

    This makes my sinuses flare, get drainage, sore throats,ears feel clogged and they itch inside the ears! I get very tired and can hardly keep my eyes open as my airways constrict. I found this out on my self when I ran out of a perfume I liked and when I finally bought more, I was becoming sick again. I started experimenting and found out that I am super sensitive to much.

    So this makes us physically ill and head is clogged up and our energy, and we have so little anyhow, gets drainned and it is to much to cope with. So we are walk into walls punch drunk and sure can not think straight. We are tired. Tired people do not think straight all of the time!

    Mental stress:
    Negative people. People with problems that constantly harps on their problems and keeps repeating all of it over and over and over.....yet most do not try to correct it. Problems with finances, a partner, a child, a parent, rather what they are doing with their lifes or a illness they have...etc.

    Living with this one but us can actually know just how hard we try to be better and what we deal with. You have to admitt that we are tough and special, even if we do not accomplish what we want to do every day.

    Financial stress from not being able to work and our expenses on Drs. and meds, etc.
    =========So WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT ALL?

    Learn to accept yourself and be amused instead of upset if you do something "stupid" or forget things. People understand if you tell them that your illness creats problems with thinking sometimes. But say it with a smile! Do not elaborate. Give them a chance to understand. They will not think less of you. You are probably harder on yourself than anyone else would ever be. RELAX.....

    Give yourself permission to have these times and as you accept and relax, the fibro fog gets better at times. We are trying to hard. Relax.

    Keep a list on your table of things to do.....and read it off and on. Keep another list of things needed whenever you go to the grocery store and so forth. By doing this you are taking pressure off yourself and you relax!

    Give yourself at least one fun thing a day to look forward to. Even if it is just a hobby. Get out when you can. That helps clear the cobwebs also.

    You are not who you used to be, but you are not less either.
    Do not be judgemental of others and over look their faults and love all comes back to you...

    I looked at your profile and you are a lovely lady. I am so proud of you with AA. You overcame much there and you can do it again......answers are around the corner for us...but do not but your whole energies into seeing that, enjoy your life as much as you you can do..

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    For several weeks on end. Sleep always seemed to help me, so I contributed it to fatigue (I have CFS). I've done a lot of adrenal support lately, and that seems to have helped. I still have good and bad days. Trust me, I completely understand where you are coming is very scary, esp. if you have always been organized and a high achiever.

    Hopefully rest will help you, too. Good luck, and honestly, stressing about the memory lapses will probably just feed the whole cycle, although again, I so know what it's like.

    Take care!