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    Has anyone else had Plurisey. I have had it twice in a month. My Dr. says I have a rub when he listens to my left side of my ribs. It also makes my shoulder hurt. My Dr. gave me an antibiotic shot and a steroid shot today and a medrol dose pack and a pain medicine called TAWLIN. The pharmacy was out of the pain medicine but I have some Hydrocodone he gives me for my Fibromyalgia pain they are suppose to get some in tomorrow, has anyone else ever taken Tawlin? I wonder if it would help Fibromyalgia pain? I don't understand why I keep getting Plurisey.If anyone else has had a problem with plurisey could you please let me know.
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    I have had plurisy once!!And that was enough!!! That is sooo horrible! I was told that i'd be more suseptible to get it again,but so far I have'nt &its been a few yrs.
    I only recall being on antibiotics and pain meds for it back then.(no medrol dose pk)However, I have heard of Drs giving steroid pks short term for this. I just hope your feeling better.....I had alot of chest pain,into my mid back and shoulder blades....I had to literally sleep in a sitting position!!Because of the congestion in my lungs~
    Get well.....
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    A friend of mine locally just asked last week about talwin and I laughed outloud....shame on me..truly.
    I had been given talwin for OB pain while I was living in Dallas moons ago and I literally saw bugs on the wall! I had been given the talwin due to uterine pain from a recently inserted IUD and my guestimate was it was more than my body needed.

    About the pleurisy. I got it once since being known to have FMS and luckily I got over it fairly quick.

    Like I've said again and again...there is so much info on the web can't put it all down but if you smoke or such you need to lay it down...and for the pain of coughing, hold a pillow to your abdomen and bend over it and the pain will be lessened. I do hope this leaves you soon! CactusLil'
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    I've had it. It truly is miserable. I was told it is symptomatic of reactive arthritis, which I have. My rheum. told me that people like me are very prone to lung infections as part of this syndrome. Hope this is helpful.
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    You can get pleurisey a couple of different ways. It is my understanding that it is actually scar tissue that is inflamed. I have it quite often in my right lung because it had been punctured during a surgery. My hubby had the real old fashioned influenza that people die from, coughed so hard he passed out and did quite a bit of damage to his lungs. He had to go to a pulmonologist. He has bouts of pleuresy now as well. It hurts but I dont' really know what to do for it. It just appears sometimes.
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    The first time I hurt my back, at emergency it played out as appendix pain but the doc said by morning the pain will be in my back. Sure enough she was right. She sent me home with talwin and said I should go right to sleep and this talwin will help with pain and give me some comfort.
    She figured I would be asleep before I got home. Wrong!
    I was awake for 2 days since I came home from the hospital. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was grey skinned. When I telephoned my family doctor he said, obviously, I had a bad reaction and never take it again and put it down as a allergy for the future. Be careful and regards.......basket21
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    I used to get plurisey all the time when I was a child. Makes me think back now to whether or not it was Fibro related. I think I have had it as an adult a half dozen times. My mother who was an RN told me I just had to ride the pain out. She may have given me an aspirin to take but she treated it like a minor thing. That may not have been the right thing for her to do but this is the way I have always dealt with plurisey when it flares. It does seem to go away but it is no fun in the mean time.
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    My daughter had pneumonia & pleurisy when she was seven years old. I know it is a horribly painful thing! She actually developed curvature of the spine (they called it secondary scoliosis, as it develops because of some other primary factor----in her case, the pain from the pleurisy caused her spine to bend in an effort to be less painful).

    She was only given pain medicine and antibiotics, not steroids. In a couple of days the pain was much improved. It took about two weeks for her spine to straighten back up.

    She never had it again. I feel for you because I know how terribly painful this was for my daughter. They say pleurisy is extremely high on the pain scale, similar to passing a kidney stone.

    I hope you get some relief from these meds!

    Healing Hugs,