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    OUCH! The new found pain is now past unbearable. The hip/lower lumbar pain is going from toes to shoulder & mouth on my normal extra weak right side,eye is also on rollercoaster. The additional fun I have is a burning/throbbing pain in wrist,elbow,and shoulder on both sides. I'm Dx "probable" for MS . I'm trying to decide if extra pain is from FM or Nerve Type issue.Strecthing is possible,and active min.1X hr for aprox 20 min. I feel more blood flow, but REAL BAD PAIN remains Untouched, I just do not want to become over stiff and hurt more later. S.O. says lower lumbar left appears swollen with FM type band/bump.When that gets touched I DO NOT FEEL IT. On the right side however air touching the skin hurts.Tun head or move arms 2 quickly and I have a Curl up like Baby effect.The Crying because of unrelenting pain adds to Baby look.My glands seem a bit more swollen than normal and I have a Studder in speach not usually present. Currently min-meds due to FI$,Klonopin,Prozak,Benedryl. Dr took me off Flexeril due to Body Twitches. I was taking Zanaflex-$ issue prevents that now. Last week Dr treated me W/Ultracet, and Bextra.The pain at that time was Normal Flare stuff,Legs,Shoulder,arm,rib Pain,just at new found levels. I have taken Ketoprofin, and Tylonal,also tried Icy hot all to no avail.ER is out of question as I do not like being treated as if I were Krazy and not listened to (yes I have experienced Bad Issues at Best area ER rooms during last 5 yrs) . Mentally drained and physically OVER Exhausted. I keep finding myself wondering what I'm doing or where I'm at and why? Incoherent a tad I guess just an OUT OF IT feeling. Any suggetions GREATLY appreciated as this is My Only communication source with people that Understand the REALNESS of DD. Thanks, EZ
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    Still seeking suggestions.Peace EZ

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    I have been trying to gain as much "like" information to get Dr on whatever track with Proven results. I know this involves some guess work,however there MUST b a way to cope w/pain and Fatigue that hasn;t been presented to me.I am so Down now too, as I was unable to do My 8 hr wk Job this weekend. The lack of ability to control Car properly was main deterant,now I feel Just Great Big Uslessness existance, bigger problem to my enviorment than benefit! Peace To All, EZ
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    How much Prozak are you taking? Would taking an antidepressant that has more of a sedative effect help?


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    I take 20 mg every other day. I was on Paxil 30mg daily,$ plus I felt weird on it ,or if I were to miss a dose. Does your insight point toward adjustment?what were your thoughts?I am taking all logical information and mapping a chart from distruction to recovery as I am TIERD of not being ME.I was seeking imput in RE:to Dateline Neurontin I was taking 900 mg 3X a day for Optic Neuritis, I am however Dx Bi-Polar and was taking Buspar During time on Neurontin that was for aprox.31/2 years. looking back I'd say i was VERY MANIC unaware of cause, just kept beieng control #lisa The medication was even Provided directly from manufactor at no cost to me,nice eh.I now have cloud of bad thoughts as to ir I may not have been Pushed into DD w/improper Med use and Dx. I never had Liver profile while on neurontin either. Now Dr WAY concerned over currentLiver lack of function.AAARRRGGGHHH Peace, EZ :)
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