PLZ HELP, someone!!!! around 2 months with this....

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    im taking some time to write this even though ill feel kind of weak afterward but i think it is good because someone might be able to help me out.

    im 18 years old now this started when i was 17. sorry for my writing, english is my second language.

    around 2 months ago i went to the movies, and the bass was just so loud that i felt it at my stomach. when i went out of the movies i was felt the need to urinate, SO STRONG. and i noticed i was urinating more than i normaly did, and this is still going on untill now. 2 days later my pulse was so fast i felt kind of dizzy when i tried to sleep. (lasted for around a week). i cried and then i felt this DRYNESS by my nose, and my neck and nose and face kinda got thinner. as if the liquids wouldnt regenerate...

    i lost weight

    i dont go to the bathroom well...

    i am urinating more than i used to, i measured and i urinated more than 3 liters in a day.

    my hands looked purple of so much blood, after they took some blood samples they are less colored now.

    i took a shower and its as if my skin was peeling off when i rubbed it. i remember when i rubbed it before a little bit peeled off like normal when you rub your skin in a bath, but now its a lot and its as if my skin was thinner.

    i am not showering anymore because i dont even smell because its as if i wasnt able to sweat like before. only when its so hot, a few drops.

    i ate 3 soda crackers before sleeping, when i woke up my eyes felt with dryness..

    so much dryness....

    what should i do???

    its as if i wasnt regenerating like i should. as if i hurt my mouth when i eat.

    the skin above my teeth is red now, because it doesnt seem to regenerate on the teeth like it did before.

    and its as if i go to the bathroom right away the next day in the morning, what i eat the day before at night.

    lately ive had this sleepiness, as if i might faint.

    i doint know what ishould look after.

    ive done blood tests when this started

    blood is good in ranges the doctor told me

    sugar is good

    and i did a hepatic test or how do you spell that and its good too he says.

    ive done other tests and they seem to come good.

    is there anything special i should look for?

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    Did you tell your doc EVERYTHING you just mentioned on here..Either your doc has to "dig" deeper for what could be causing your symptoms or you have to find another dr..
    Some of the symptoms you mentioned are sometimes symptoms of certain diseases - diseases that can be treated..
    If you are not going to bathroom well - maybe a colonoscopy would be a good thing to get, having your colon checked..
    There are so many possiblity's that I couldn't begin to know where to start - just don't give up, keep pushing the dr............
    Best of Luck........Take Care.........Donna
  3. rmlandman

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    the main thing is that i feel like dehydrated all over...

    before i wuold sweat a lot, now i feel like dehydrated so much....

    my hands would sweat a lot before, now they are dry

    when i cried some weeks ago, my neck and face kind of got thinner..

    do you think this might have to do with the adrenal glands????

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    Please, rm, keep looking until you find an answer; that is, an answer that makes you feel better physically. Does sound like something wrong and Dr.'s go through a lot of college to guess what it might be and then order tests. Please do not stop pushing the Docs!!!
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  5. rmlandman

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    im almost by myself with this at this point
    im gonna have to wait 1 - 2 weeks to get to USA and go to the hospital there.

    could anyone tell me of some test i could do..

    its as if i wasnt regenerating.........

    if i cut myself it heals...


    my skin is just getting thinner

    and there is red on top of my teeth

    and smoe dandruff i had left marks on my skin because its as if it wont regenerate on top..........

    and there is like some stuff below my nails, as if the skin was tryign to regenerate down there....

    what can i do?????????????????

    there is so much dryness ni my nose sometimes it feels like a cavern inside when i breathe...

    could anyone give an opinion or point me to a test i should make???

    is there something in special i should look for that lets the body regenerate???

    its as if i go to the bathroom in the morning what i eat the night before, too fast it seems...

    its as if i drink and i go to the bathroom what i drink too fast.........

    i dont know how to say how desperate i am, i sit here and feel helpless and i lost some weight

    and im trying to eat, but then i dont feel well and it makes my back sweat some drops

    i tried going to the beach but my eyes started to bother me because of the wind!! that never happened to me before!


  6. SPR30

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    I do not want to startle you or sound harsh, but have you had an HIV test? Your symptoms sound like those of a person with HIV/AIDS. Please, please do not be afraid. It is just a thought. I wish you strength. Please let us know what you find out and how you are doing.
    Try to rest, if you cannot eat, drink plenty of fluids, even if your urine output is high. Try taking a good multivitamin, drink broth and gatorade.
    Stay strong. The stress and worry you are going through is just bound to make you feel worse.
    Take care of you!
  7. rmlandman

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    i did 2 tests already and i dont have that

    i also did a how do you say it in english hemograma and it came out ok

    all of this started when i went to the movies and there was a loud BASS that i felt vibrating by my stomach. all of a sudden when i went out of the movies i started urinating more than normal, and, then i read a page and got a panic attack,

    when i got this panic attack and i felt hot by my chest, i got tachycardia and my pulse was racing for around 5 days.

    right after that all these symptoms started.

  8. rmlandman

    rmlandman New Member

    im doing a 24 hour urine test for cortisol

    is there anything else i should try?
  9. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    I can't think of anything that you might have.
    Or at least nothing that I can feel sure of.
    I hope you get answers soon. Keeping a record of all of your symptoms is a very good idea. Sounds like you have been through alot of tests. Hope you are taking care of yourself.
    I will keep you in my thoughts! {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}
  10. rmlandman

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