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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nourm, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. nourm

    nourm New Member

    I'm 19 and i've had fibro for 5 years i took prozac (didn't work for me), effexor(didn't work for me),and finally cymbalta till now i haven't improved.
    My pain is increasing my flare ups are more frequent,i have almost no memory left I can't concetrate and my studies are getting interrupted.
    I'm just wondering if accupuncture and herbal treatments help with the pain relief??or if there's a drug other than the ones i' ve tried that might help with the pain ?

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  2. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    Acupuncture helps me, and so does massage by a therapist who understands both FM and myofascial pain syndrome.

    One thing my Naturopath suggested seems to be helping me: it's a product that has curcurmin, dl phenylalanine, boswellia, and nattokinase, called Phenocane. I've been taking it for a month, and either it's helping a lot, or it's a coincidence that my pain level went down right when I started taking it. I guess I could stop and see if the pain goes back up, but I don't want to chance it!

    Magnesium with malic acid has always been helpful for me.

    Also, I take hot baths with epsom salt and baking soda in it. (2 cups epsom salt to 1 cup baking soda, and some people add 1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide, but that makes my skin itch too badly to continue.)

    My level of pain isn't as bad as others here. What I do keeps the level to a point of achiness that I can almost always ignore.

    Welcome to the board! :)
  3. findmind

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    I'm so sorry you're having so much pain right now. Some of us have a hard time when the weather is changing a lot.

    Acupuncture (only 6 sessions) made most of my pain go away almost completely; best thing I ever did. It lasted about 7 years, and the FM pain I have now is never
    as bad as before the acupuncture.

    I find I must get lots of sleep in order combat the foggy brain problem; the least amount of sleep deficiency will do me in!

    Welcome here...we care.

  4. nourm

    nourm New Member

    thank you :) just wanna ask abt the phenocane where can i find it? because i live in lebanon and i'm not sure that i can find it here if you could show me a website where i could order it i would be very grateful :)
  5. nourm

    nourm New Member

    thank you i can understand what you exactly feel and i would suggest that you try doing yoga it helps me somewhat with the pain relief
    i hope u'll find ur cure soon
  6. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    I found the phenocane at e-vitamins. I don't know if there's somewhere else that's cheaper, because I thought it looked reasonable enough, and quit looking.

    Hope it helps.

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