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    Hello all. This is the 1st time I have been to this site. 2yrs ago I had stomach cramping..went to hospital for test-IBS-C.
    Nothing helped gyno sent me back to hospital for tests-endometriosis-
    still pain spread allover back to the hospital-now getting Lupron (Leuprolide Injections)..menopause now.
    Still had pain-reg. doc now says fibro and sent me to a psychiatrist
    so went to see him today and he put me on 1ml klonopin 2x a day and paxil 30 1x a day.
    This has been the most crappy 2 yrs of my life. Now Im being told that I have depression(no sh*t) i have been poked and prodded with no relief for 2yrs.
    I am 39yrs old no health problems EVER except tmj.
    Can this really be fibro?
    Do my meds seem like alot?
    And last but not least HOW have you survived this?????
    Thank you for made me feel good just to type it.
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    I recommend you see an integrative medicine doctor. Most regular docs just hand out meds and don't get to the root of problems, in my experience. No one has ever had a paxil deficiency but doctors hand out these meds I think when they don't know what else to do.

    Integrative docs look at everything, diet, nutrition, adrenals, thyroid etc., lots of stuff regular docs ignore.

    If you go to, it has a link where you can find integrative medicine doctors throughout the U.S. and Canada too, I think.

    Best of luck,

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    well I guess 1 thing I left out was that I do NOT have insurance. Funny went 35 yrs with it and never used it and now ....well you know.
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    Well, you saw a doctor and a psychiatrist, so I guess you pay out of pocket for health care? And if that's the case, I think your money would be much better spent seeing an integrative medicine doctor. In my experience they are the only ones who have any idea of what's going on with us and will do more than hand out drugs that don't solve the problem.

    One alternative relatively low-cost option which has helped me a lot is a competent chiropractor who does muscle testing. I've been helped several times by muscle testing when the regular docs were clueless. One of them saved my gallbladder, found weak adrenals, helped several digestive problems, many things. I would have been much worse off without the chiro.

    You can find one by just calling and asking if they do it, or also go to Standard Process website. They make supplements often used by chiros and customer service will give you the names of practitioners in your area who use their products.

    Good luck -