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    Hello all. This is the 1st time I have been to this site. 2yrs ago I had stomach cramping..went to hospital for test-IBS-C.
    Nothing helped gyno sent me back to hospital for tests-endometriosis-
    still pain spread allover back to the hospital-now getting Lupron (Leuprolide Injections)..menopause now.
    Still had pain-reg. doc now says fibro and sent me to a psychiatrist
    so went to see him today and he put me on 1ml klonopin 2x a day and paxil 30 1x a day.
    This has been the most crappy 2 yrs of my life. Now Im being told that I have depression(no sh*t) i have been poked and prodded with no relief for 2yrs.
    I am 39yrs old no health problems EVER except tmj.
    Can this really be fibro?
    Do my meds seem like alot?
    And last but not least HOW have you survived this?????
    Thank you for made me feel good just to type it.
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    My personal opinion is that a fibro dx should not be given until everything else is ruled out through blood work, MRIs, seeing a rheumatologist or neurologist. Lyme disease has the same symptoms, but can be treated if caught early enough by the right doc. However, IBS is definitely a problem for many of us with fibro, as is TMJ.

    Being sent to a phychiatrist is not always a bad thing, if they are good. They can give us some perspective on dealing with life-changing issues, and coping mechanisms. Of course we're depressed when our lives suddenly change! But it's not the same as a chemical depression....we're grieving the loss of our old way of life! It's no fun to be unable to do the things we once did without thought.

    If your new meds don't seem to be helping after a couple months, please get off them. What you were prescribed does not seem to be uncommon. You may want to research and try some supplements as well. Some people find them more helpful than prescribed drugs.

    How do we deal with this? We learn that it's our new 'normal', and we initially grieve the loss of our present life. I still (after 10 years) have not found a way to remain positive and upbeat constantly... consistent pain/fatigue seems to do that to a person, doesn't it? But we learn to find joy in the small things. For me, it's sitting out on my porch in the summer, enjoying the beauty of nature. Or scrapbooking on a 'good' day.

    Life goes on....not always well, but a positive attitude does help, and a forum like this lets us know we're not alone. That in itself saved my sanity :) I hope this has helped you a bit, because years ago someone on this board surely helped me. I wish you well..... Jole