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  1. justshea

    justshea New Member

    Just wondering if any of you women have worse PMS with your FM and also does anyone have feelings in their head that doesn't hurt, but can't explain what it feels like?
  2. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    I never had issues with PMS till i got sick. It exacerbates all my symptoms and i get extremely irritable, bloated, tired, dizzy. And I have a posting about "head concussion" that I put up here a few days ago. I have many bothersome and unexplained head sensations and issues, even when i'm not PMSing.
    I have CFS with supposed overlapping FM.
  3. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I take multi b vitamin, which mostly eradicates my PMS. I have heavy painfull periods. I know that I have sub-clinical thyroid and/ or adrenal problems. I think this is what causes most of my period problems, as this is listed as a hypothyroid symptom. I believe that vertually everyone with FM, has a thyroid issue.

    I get odd feelings in my head that I call preasure sensations. Also when the fog is bad I get kind of constricted feelings in my head. Feels like there are blockages.
  4. justshea

    justshea New Member

    Thanks for the replys, it helps to know that you're not alone. The medicines that I take every night are Elavil(10mg)restful sleep, Zoloft(25mg)restful sleep,Tizanidine(4mg)muscle relaxer. I was taking 50mg Elavil, but it started making my face feel funny, like it was going to sleep. I can sure tell if I don't take my medicine. [This Message was Edited on 01/10/2008]
  5. justshea

    justshea New Member

    Oh, I will be 47 on Valentines day and am with you on the menopause and the brain fog. Sometimes, I feel kinda empty up there. I have gotten a bottle of FM support from the health food store to see if they will help me.
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  6. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    My doctor told me to take more calcium and magnesium during the second half of my cycle and when I forget I can really tell!! My PMS is much worse without the extra minerals.

    I used to get lots of wierd head feelings too. Not so much anymore. It got better when treating my lyme I think.

  7. inbetweendays

    inbetweendays New Member

    i had severe disabling pmdd prior to cfs fibro--i feel it contributed to my development of the disorder---and certain studies suggest it is indeed a risk factor for cfs---antidepressants did nothing---and made the fatigue dizziness and everything worse....i finally found that candida and thyroid and sluggish liver were the main culprits and years and years of doctors---the very thing they were prescribing made everything worse in my body--like birth control pills and it was a nightmare in itself
  8. justshea

    justshea New Member

    I've had thyroid tests, blood work, etc. but don't know much about the candida..I use to have yeast infections all the time, but they finally calmed down.
  9. pluis

    pluis New Member

    I feel absolutely horrible about 10 days b4 and the week of my menstruation. I am extremely tired, painful and the brainfog is unbearable. For one year I took nystatin three times a day and that worked (felt not as worse) but I don't have benefits from it anymore. Now I am trying, if I can, to walk every other day one block as I tend to stay in the house in winter time. And I think it is a little benefitial for the menstruation.

    Do you think you have brainfog? I can hardly look at the computer during this time.

    I dont think I have PMS it is just that the CFS symtoms increase tremendusly..

    My GP wants to start me on merina (sp) (anti conception).

    You are not alone in this, and I know this doesn't help but....

  10. justshea

    justshea New Member

    Oh, YES, I do have brain fog. Sometimes, I can't even say the name of some things that I use everyday. I just try to laugh it off and not worry about it too much.
  11. asmom15

    asmom15 New Member

    Yes I have both also, I always have a fogged in feeling with it. Also I have very bad vertigo and off balanceness. Recently found out I have a vitamin D deficincy, and Dr. said many people with fm and ms find out they have this. check into it maybe.

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