Pnd with daily low grade fever and eliminating diets

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    Been having problems with post nasal drip for sometime now..never seems to go away. I'm a male,33 years old. 150lbs 5ft 9. I eat quite cleanly with no junk food and have recently cut dairy out of my diet (2 months ago) the reason I did this I was getting fevers and this dripping thick mucus at back of throat for a while and went to my gp.he told me to do elimination diet which I have done and also cut gluten out of my diet.i was taking protein supplements to help with my diet for bodybuilding purposes but seemed to get fever after having them but now I'm not too sure what it is. The fever is low grade but apparent and doesn't seem to last all day but do get everyday. Also the taste of this mucus is horrible but kinda sweet..

    Thanks for any responses
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    Thankyou for taking the time to reply to my post...
    This grapeseed extract sounds interesting I will look it up and research it.
    I'm glad you have solved your issues and I hope it works out with your brother too.
    I will gladly let you know how I get on with this.
    Thank you again