po qhs --- what does this mean? [dosing term]

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    Jen F.
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    Now I can understand what the fibro article means when it said flexeril up to 40 mg po qhs.

    To me, means I can try ONE more of the little pills before bed.

    Trying to avoid opening the jack daniels bottle for pain relief,

    [cause would probably make me sick!:)]

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    And I don't know if I will get into a place easily, esp since:

    1) my GP thinks I will be better in a week [here's hoping!] and therefore couldn't get a referral

    2) my physio thinks I will be better in 3 wks [that sounds okay too]

    3) having trouble finding a physiatrist taking new patients on OHIP.

    4) same with good pain or physio clinics -- would have to wait a week or two to get into a mostly-covered OHIP clinic, and because they don't get paid much they don't spend much time with you.

    I am thinking of going private, but my funds are getting so depleted...and I think...what if my dr is right? what if hurts like heck now but will be okay in a week? then I think...what if he doesn't know what he's talking about???

    So many decisions to make. Today do I try to go downtown and go through the trauma of trying another vitamin injection for the pain and muscle contractions? do i try to see another mD for 2nd opinion and referral to a physiatrist? do i book an appointment at another physio clinic for 2nd opinion? look into a private clinic and maybe one with a whirlpool? Go see a new and better chiropractor [big bucks]? Go for massage therapy today or asap? go back to my GP and tell him how meds are only helping a little?

    and I haven't even had breakfast yet...

    ahhhhhhhh such is life with CFS and new problems and financial concerns...

    Thanks for your input.