poem about dishwasher noise

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    Maybe you can realte to this silly/serrious poem about noise intollerance. If not, you didn't hear it from me! :)

    Let Me Not Be Afraid

    Please help me now not
    To be fearful
    Though the dishes do clank
    Against the sides of my soul
    Though the old sink
    Is overly full
    Though his words
    Wander over me
    Let me not
    Fearful be.

    Let me not be afraid
    Of the terrible roar
    As the dishwasher breathes
    Its lemon fume of
    More, and more!
    Let me
    Into stilly darkness creep
    Until I hear
    The sounds no more
    The last sigh and beep
    From the dishwasher door.

    P.S. Always get someone else to do the dishes for you!
    ((love)) Shannon