Poem: "How To Sail The Sea of Suffering"

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    How To Sail The Sea of Suffering

    By Creth D Hopkins

    The Ocean of Pain is an endless sea
    Upon which no human chart can guide.
    I look for refuge, some Port of Relief,
    A port from which to hide.

    My muscles cramp, my nerves scream
    As I struggle at the helm of my life.
    Waves of pain crash over my bow
    As I fight this ocean of strife.

    Nails in the back, the feet and hands,
    There is no relief from it all.
    My soul cries for help – a moment of peace,
    But with each wave I ride, I fall.

    Drugs are no help, medicine - no good,
    The waves of pain lap over their comfort with ease.
    If, then, I take more to meet the high tide,
    I soon run out, there is no reprieve!

    Then, I am caught in a trough – between doctor and hell,
    For relief from the fire, I get none.
    They don’t understand the ebb and flow
    Of this agony I try to sail from.

    One moment of relief is all I ask,
    A moment filled with peace.
    But I hear a laugh of mournful scorn,
    “There is no course for relief!”

    Yet, in the depths of despair, when the sky is black
    And I am wrapped in this blanket of woe,
    I hear a small voice that comes from deep within,
    “It’s a lie, what pain says, it’s not so.”

    “Look not to the pain, but look to Christ,
    When you think there is no one who cares.
    For He hung from Love’s Cross – took all of hell’s fire,
    You’re not alone, He knows what you bear.

    “He has sailed these waters, He knows the pain
    He will not have you to fail.
    With the Grace He offers, victory is assured
    Release the helm, and He will make sail.

    Jesus knows these waters – their ugly depths,
    And He knows the darkness, and the grief.”
    He will teach me to steer by Faith
    Christ, my Captain, is my Relief.

    “Step out on the waters,” Jesus says to me,
    “And I will teach you how to live.
    Keep your eyes on Me, and walk by faith,
    And I will teach you to sail this sea.

    “It is by Faith you cross this ocean
    with all its misery and strife.
    I give you now the Grace to live
    And sail on to eternal life.”

    With Christ at the helm, my course is set
    This painful sea is not my final home,
    By grace, I sail these troubled waters,
    And I know I am never alone.

    - 2007
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    Sorry they made you move this from the chit chat board, it's good.

    I didn't know they were getting that picky, i've made comments before about my faith. It's hard to talk about my life and not, because it's apart of me.

    I always wonder how people manage without the Lord in there lives.

    He, and His word is all i have to keep ahold of at time in my life.

    I uses to think he left my when i was in the dark and struggling, but i've found that He is right there in the middle of the dark with me, and to Him, it isn't dark at all.

    That's a lot of kids you and your wife have, and are raising!!! Wow, three boys do me in! I really wanted to homeschool but knew i couldn't take that task on myself, without my husbands support.

    I admire those who do.

  3. fromnz

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    Hi there,
    I love your poems, I dabble a little but nothing as terrific as these, they say exactly what I have tried to express in long prose style, which is too long for this board to cope with!
    It is great to have you here amongst the wonderful prayer warriors who also share this.
    I wonder how you find the time to write with such a big household, good on you, or rather probably thanks to God!
    Bless You.
  4. bandwoman

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    It is nice to meet you. Welcome to the worship board. I think you will find a great bunch of people here. It has been an oasis for me and I have met some great friends here this year. I looked at your bio and you sound like a wonderful man.

    I love your poetry as well. I hope to chat with you in the future. By the way, does your user name mean something? Is it professor possibly?

  5. PoimaeHopkins

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    Yes, they are copyrighted.

    Yes, you may use them to share with anyone you may feel would receive a blessing from reading them.

    May our loving Lord bless you richly this day, is my prayer.


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