Poem I wrote when I was feeling sad

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skymage, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. skymage

    skymage New Member

    Wide-eyed friends tell me it's ok
    but it's just what fear has them say
    though i try to keep on smiling
    inside i'm always crying

    is it a blessing or a curse
    how could it get any worse
    is it all just bad bad dreams
    is it really not as bad as it seems

    i've learned so much since the darkness came
    who am I now, I'm not the same
    is the peace I feel simply illusion
    brought to me by a dark delusion

    one thing that i'm sure I know
    when it's time and I must go
    when I finally get back home
    as we're born
    we all die alone

    and I wait and see what's next
    no one knows what's really best
    and somehow I don't think it'll ever change

    wide-eyed friends tell me not to cry
    fear in their eyes tell me it's a lie
    is it a curse or blessing in disguise
    then how did I come to feel so wise

    I've learned so much since the darkness came
    who am I now, I'm not the same
    is the fear I feel merely delusion
    brought to life by hopeful illusion

    all I know is the pain doesn't end
    it's come to be my very best friend
    still in the night, it speaks to me
    you'll be just fine, wait and see

    but part of me, just can't believe it

    so I wait and see what's next
    I don't know what's really best
    and somehow I don't think it'll ever change

    yet part of me, wants to believe it

  2. volvo

    volvo New Member

    lovely poem

    I always think its more sad when i read that young people have fm as your quality of life should be so much more.

    I have had it for 12 years where did the years go!

    Have to say i have come a long way since then, learnt so much and know longer let it rule me , so please do keep having faith.

    Regards volvo
  3. sami

    sami New Member

    just beautiful......
    i also write...sometimes total stream of conciousness, and other times poetry in the more formal sense...
    we should start a thread of poems that we write...then one of our talented sisters can get it published and out there...what a great thing!!!!!
    i'll help....
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    How beautiful!!!

    You are so very talented!!

  5. earn

    earn New Member


    That was so nice, and showed real talent. Any time you want to share another one, I would love to read it.

    I surprised myself with a little writing talent last year. A Christian counselor told me to write about all "happy times" when I was growing up. I was depressed and had some sad memories about my childhood.

    I started writing, and crying some, but really had some wonderful things, like picnics, and such with my mother, and my only sister. It really did help me--and now I think about those times instead of the "bad ones".

    Also it was chosen and publized by the "Old Natchitoches Magazine" (where I grew up). Old school friends and people from my youth emailed me--and getting in touch with them was so nice. They asked me to write more, and I wrote one more--but spelling and punctuations are getting very hard and time consuming.

    Keep up your work if you like it. My children are so proud to have mine to keep. Thanks for sharing-Laverne

  6. rbecca47

    rbecca47 New Member

    i just want to say that this poem is wonderful, you put into words, what i feel on a day to day bassis, thankyou for sharing with all of us
  7. skymage

    skymage New Member

    I'm glad you all like my poem. Writing is great therapy, and sometimes it's just as helpful to write about your bad feelings as well as good ones. Even if you just write them down and throw it away, it still helps. (I've done that many times.) I do intend to gather all my poems and try to get them published all together in a book, someday. I've had quite a few published already in some anthoologies and even in Europe. Also I wrote a Sci-fi book, and am working on a book about being a sick Druid and the lessons I've learned from being sick. You learn a lot of things being sick, like patience, letting others help you when you prefer to take care of yourself, how not to be bitter toward God, etc. I think I can get that one published by the Druid group I belong to. But it's no where near finished yet.

    I agree we should start a poetry thread. That would be awesome. I would love to read everyone elses thoughts and feelings and poems. Is anyone here a musician? Maybe we can combine our talents and make some music out of our experiences. Now that would be cool.

    Blessings and hugs to everyone,


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