Poem: "Just a Load of Whites"

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    Just a Load of Whites

    By Creth D Hopkins

    How many times have I heard it said,
    “You don’t look too tired to me!
    Why is it, after only a simple task
    There is no strength left in you to see?”

    “You look healthy, you seem well
    What does it take to wash a load of whites?
    You carry one basket, pour soap and bleach
    Why does it seem such a big fight?”

    A fight you say, That, hits close to the mark
    Of the battle that rises before me,
    For each step I take there is a ticket of pain
    That must be paid – this you do not see.

    To carry a basket is no cheap feat
    The price is pretty high.
    The pain in the feet, the stab in the back
    My soul screams for relief from on high.

    The soap is not bad if I use a scoop
    But the cap on the bleach is a terror,
    My fingers don’t close, the nails are sharp
    And in pouring, one has to be clever.

    This is when I cry to my Lord,
    His Grace is sufficient for such needs.
    The job gets done – another victory won
    As, once again, Jesus answers my pleas.

    So bring on the whites, the blues and the reds,
    And with each load that I bear,
    I can do all things through Christ, Who loves me so,
    For with each load, He will always be there.

    - 2007
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    Such an incredible simple task, that most people don't even think about! And yet it drains the life out of us.

    Jesus is with us in the midst of it all.

    Praise God!

    Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning to face another loooong day is a Victory!

    This is the Day that the Lord has made!!
    Let us be glad and rejoice in it!!