Poem: "Salvation Circle"

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    Salvation Circle

    By Creth D Hopkins

    Did you hear the groan from Hades;
    it’s as quiet as a tomb.
    “For souls they are, now - a prayin’,
    God’s judgment is coming soon!”

    Demons cringe for fear of Satan,
    his face - all draped in gloom.
    “If stop them we can’t - from a prayin’,
    we’ve got nothing to face but doom.”

    “I failed that day on Golgotha,
    when I had them nail Christ on a tree.
    I thought, by killing the Savior
    – I’ve won! Now, man must worship - me.

    But He rose, again, the third day;
    and He’s coming again to see,
    If His people have been - a prayin’,
    for whom He once died on a tree.”

    “Bring them anguish, pain and horror;
    O Flesh - my strongest ally.
    Have them hurt and weep and sorrow;
    ‘Life’s not worth it – seek only to die!’”

    But the Circle is made up of saved sinners,
    who look to the Savior on high.
    You can’t stop these saints from - a prayin,’
    for those, Christ will save, by and by!

    “I call my Second in command
    – the World and all its temptations.
    Catch them up and sway them with your song,
    fill them with all imaginations.

    Bracket them with sensuous pleasures;
    dizzy them with all its gyrations.
    Just keep these saints from - a prayin’:
    this Salvation Circle and its intercessions.”

    “I will, personally, enter the fight,
    against these warriors of prayer.
    I’ll fill their lives with woe;
    I’ll draw them into my lair.

    I’ll tell them, ‘It’s not worth it;
    these souls, you pray for, don’t care!’
    Why must you keep on - a prayin;’
    you’ll pay dearly, if you dare.”

    But the Chief Shepherd – He’s a callin:’
    “Follow me, and be ye true
    To the task I lay before you;
    I call - not many – but a few.

    A living sacrifice of intercession
    is what I require from you,
    To give your life for others
    - is what, I’ll bless you, to do.”

    “I’ll cause you to fly like eagles,
    above the currents of pain;
    Even atop the clouds of sorrow
    – high above the showers of shame.

    To enter into My Presence and
    to learn why I really came,
    You must die to self - live - in Me,
    and learn to call Me by Name.

    Lord Jesus, our soul cries out to Thee
    – we answer the Call to go.
    We enter into Thy very Presence
    with Thy burden of a soul.

    Channels of Thy love - are we,
    thru whom God’s love does flow.
    Thou didst die to save the sinner’s soul,
    we must live to pray it so.

    - 2007

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