Poem: Siren's Song

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    Hi everyone,
    This is a poem I wrote in 1999 or 2000. I'm not exactly sure. I usually date my poems, but for some reason, this one I didn't. Anyway, I hope it is a blessing to all of you! If you don't know, the Sirens are from Greek Mythology. They were women who would sing and lure sailors to their deaths on the rocks. I related that concept to the Christian life and temptation. I'm sure all of you have felt this way at one time or another. You are not alone!

    by Lisa Sutter
    Sometimes faith
    is like a ship on the sea
    sometimes everything is calm and serene
    my ship of faith bobs leisurely along
    on water that as smooth as glass

    But sometimes, faith is difficult
    A storm hits, the wind blows,
    my ship is tossed like a bath toy
    waves of doubt pour over the sides
    my spirit is drenched with despair
    my feet are knocked out from under me

    the Sirens call to me
    from all sides
    their songs are a paradox
    I find them both attractive and repulsive
    I am well aware of the danger
    If I am in control,
    my ship veers towards the rocks.

    I whisper a prayer for help
    I know I can't resist
    the power of the Sirens
    all by myself.

    Suddenly the Lord
    appears at my side
    He tells me He is here to help
    I am shocked and dismayed
    as He lovingly ties me to the mast
    He takes care to be gentle
    yet the ropes are tied securely.
    When I ask Him why
    He replies "Trust Me"

    The songs of the Sirens never cease
    always trying to lure me away
    I am drawn to them
    longing for what they have to offer.

    The tension grows
    I scream to be set free
    I struggle against the ropes
    Sometimes I hate those ropes
    sometimes I believe I don't need them
    but the ship continues on its course
    never straying towards the Sirens

    Sometimes I like to push the limits
    and the ropes get frayed.

    I've even managed to escape a time or two
    I am just about to jump overboard
    when the Lord stops me.
    He leads me back to the mast
    and reties those ropes.

    Just when I think
    I will never be able to resist the temptation
    the Lord is once again at my side
    He gently places His hands over my ears
    drowning out the Siren's song

    He whispers truth to me
    "The Sirens make promises they can't keep
    I always keep My promises."

    I long to sink my teeth
    into the Siren's forbidden fruit
    I long for just a nibble
    but I know only too well
    that a moment of pleasure
    can lead to a lifetime of regret.

    I have shipwrecked my faith many times
    I end up on the sharp, jagged rocks
    broken and bleeding
    I cry in pain and shame overwhelms me
    The Lord comforts me
    then offers to help me rebuild.

    As we work side by side
    He says
    "I wish I could have spared you this pain
    but you must learn somehow.
    The fruit of the Sirens looks juicy and delicious
    but it is always rotten and diseased inside."

    The Lord is my captain
    as long as I allow Him to be in control
    He will never steer my ship into the rocks.

    The way of faith
    is not always easy
    but I know it will be worth it
    when at last, I reach my destination.


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    just bumping it up
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    I love that poem it was awesome. You write very well and you seem to be gifted in this area. I hope you had it copyright so that no one steals it. If you have a collection of other poems, you should seriously look into publishing them.