Poem: "The School of Pain"

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    The School of Pain

    By Creth D Hopkins

    The School of Pain is open 24/7
    And the tuition for each course is high.
    The language of each course is hard to learn
    It gets tougher each day, the harder you try.

    You lie in your sweat and get hit with the chills,
    Your muscles spasm, legs scream with pain
    The fire courses down your side.
    You feel it worse in the rain.

    Nails in the back, in the feet and hands,
    There is no relief from it all.
    Your soul cries for help – a moment of peace,
    But with each step you take, you fall.

    Drugs don’t help, medicine is no good,
    The waves of pain lap over their comfort with ease.
    If, then, you take more to meet the high tide,
    You soon run out, there is no reprieve!

    Then you are caught in a vice – between doctor and hell,
    For relief from the fire, you get none.
    They don’t understand the ebb and flow
    Of this agony you try to run from.

    One moment of relief is all I ask,
    A moment filled with peace.
    But I hear a laugh of mournful scorn,
    “There is no place for relief!”

    Yet, in the depths of despair, when the sky is black
    And I am wrapped in this blanket of woe,
    I hear a small voice that comes from deep within,
    “It’s a lie, what pain says is not so.”

    “Look not to the pain, but look to Christ,
    When you think there is no one who cares.
    For He hung from Love’s Cross – took all of hell’s fire,
    You’re not alone, He knows what you bear.

    Three times He asked if this cup
    Could be removed and not have to be drunk in full.
    “It is yours to drink down to its bitter dregs,
    You must pass this test to finish this School.”

    The Teacher is Sin, the course is evil
    But I will not have you to fail.
    With grace I offer and victory assured
    I’ll chart a course for you to sail.

    Remove your hand from the helm of life,
    And, with Me, you will beat these waves.
    Through troughs of horror and peaks of pain,
    By Faith you will find Jesus saves.

    - 2007
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    That's wonderful, awesome, amazing. I needed that right at this moment.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Take Care
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    Wow! You really have a gift. What a beautiful poem. I'm a poet as well. I've found that when I write a poem, it helps me see things from a totally different perspective. I read one of your other poems as well. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us. What a blessing you are! God Bless you!

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    What an amazing gift you have. Thanks for sharing. I left you a post on your previous poem. Could you please respond? Thanks Blessings.