Poem: "The Struggle"

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    The Struggle

    By Creth D Hopkins

    There is a wrestling between Spirit and Soul
    As to the One I pay homage each day.
    My Spirit yearns for the Spirit of God,
    My Soul clings to its House of Clay.

    My Spirit is enabled by the grace of God
    To live by faith - full and free;
    My soul is clothed in fleshly sense,
    Feelings cloud its ability to see.

    Spirit says, “Delight Thyself in Christ,”
    Soul replies, “What is in it for me?”
    Spirit says, “Die to Self and live!”
    Soul replies, “It makes no sense to me.”

    “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it”
    Is a saying that misses the mark.
    The Bible says it and that truly settles it –
    Whether I believe it or not.

    The Struggle calls into question
    My self image – Who do I really see?
    Am I mere Mortal, a creature of habit,
    Or am I Immortal – bound for eternity?

    Soul declares, “I am but Mortal
    - the highest mark of evolution I am.
    I am the highest form of self-actualization,
    And my genesis began in the sea and sand."

    Spirit says, “I am created Immortal
    To live with my Creator on High.
    I am to learn to soar like an eagle
    To one day meet Him in the sky.”

    Soul says, “I don’t believe it,
    I must feel the soil under my feet.”
    Spirit replies, “That’s the reason
    Your whole life will end in defeat.”

    Thou art Immortal – not mere Mortal,
    Christ died to save the Soul!
    In His love, Soul and Spirit are united,
    By His blood, I have been made whole.

    Listen not to the sirens of the flesh
    The world and Satan – the Hater of man.
    They sing the song of self-destruction
    To bring me down is their hateful plan.

    In Christ I am a new creation,
    As Immortal, In Christ I find
    My purpose – My reason for being
    To serve Him throughout all time.

    As a Christian, I shall always struggle
    To follow Christ or live for Self,
    Loving Christ leads to Heaven,
    Serving Self leads only to Hell.

    The Struggle is won in living by Faith
    In Jesus Christ, Who loves me so.
    I cry, “Abba, Father” – I have His ear,
    And from Heaven His love to me flows.

    So rejoice, my Soul, and with my Spirit sing
    Of the love and grace He gives to Thee,
    Redeemed Thou art, by the Blood of the Lamb
    His mighty Grace is sufficient for Thee.

    - 2007

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  2. morningsonshine

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    but i really like the first three stanza, and the last three or four.

    I use to think there was something wrong with me for having this continual battle between the soul and spirit.

    It was a great "oh" moment when i realized this was a struggle for all christians, even the ones that seem very mature. I think they have just gotten better knowing how to fight it, with Gods word and in His presents, than others.

    I always wait to long.

  3. Shirl

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    True. A continual struggle between Soul and Spirit. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration. I truly needed your wonderful insight today.

    God does have His Hand on you, and you are responding to Him, to lift many of us up.

    Many of God's blessings to you...............

    Shalom, Shirl