Poem: "What Is A Friend"

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    “What Is A Friend”
    by Creth D Hopkins

    To be a Friend is a great calling, indeed,
    It takes honesty and grit – things rare to see.
    A Friend will stand by you when no one else will,
    They’ll tell the truth to your face
    And still love you
    - a combination rarer still.

    A Friend is there in the good times
    When things are going just fine,
    And in the bad times, they’ll stand by you
    When no one else has the time.

    A Friend knows your weaknesses,
    Your shortcomings and your faults,
    And they’ll never talk bad about you,
    When things aren’t going your way,
    For they’ll always think best of you,
    And whatever comes, they’re here to stay.

    A Friend will fight for you
    If the going gets a little rough,
    When all others turn cowards,
    A Friend shows they have the right stuff.

    A Friend will bring the best out of you
    When the best you don’t want to be,
    They see the great Heart in you.
    They know you have a great Soul,
    And they’re determined to encourage you
    So that others will see who they know.

    To have such a Friend, you must be one, too.
    Iron sharpens iron, the saying is true,
    To be labeled “Friend” is a title held by few,
    You’re my Friend - A Friend I’ll be to you.

    - 2007