Poem: "What Is The Lord's Work?"

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    What Is The Lord’s Work?

    By Creth D Hopkins

    What is the Lord’s Work, I wonder.
    It is a question that puzzles my mind.
    Is it preaching, missions or education
    I hear three voices that speak in rhyme.

    One voice says, “It’s preaching,
    The Word of God must be declared!”
    But if it is but preaching,
    Why is it so many don’t care?

    Another voice says, “It’s missions,
    We must go out and spread The Word.”
    But so many people reject it,
    And count it but absurd!

    A third voice says, “It’s Education,
    People must be taught its ABCs.”
    But that is not all I see in Jesus
    This Carpenter from Galilee?

    He sees a heart that’s broken,
    A mother who’s lost her son,
    He touches the boy, he lives again,
    The Lord’s work is sweetly done.

    In His Name, a lame man walks,
    With joy he leaps to run.
    Silver and gold was not the trick,
    The Lord’s work is sweetly done.

    A blind man receives his sight,
    From darkness he sees the sun.
    By the touch of the Master’s hand,
    The Lord’s work is sweetly done.

    A man who lives in a world of silence
    Hears the voice of God’s only Son.
    In one moment his ears are unstopped,
    The Lord’s work is sweetly done.

    When I look at the life of Jesus
    Hear Him preach and teach and go,
    Himself it is, I see Him give.
    It is Love He will always show.

    His Name, His voice, His touch,
    His Life He wishes to give,
    To the soul that cries, “Lord save me!”
    He says, “It’s Finished, Rise and Live!

    “My work, I will do thru you
    As you live your life in Me.
    Reach out and touch another,
    That is My work I give to thee.

    “Share My Name with those around you
    Follow Me, wherever I go.
    I died for sinners on the Cross,
    Tell them - I love them so.”

    Now I know the answer to the question
    That so long I did not know,
    The work of Jesus is loving others,
    For this cause I was borne to show.

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    Thank you for sharing your talent with us. The poem was wonderful.

    Take Care
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    what a great poem,really enjoy reading your writings.

    have a great day. from one horse person to another

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    That is incredible. Could I have your permission to print this for my own use and to possible give out? Thank you.

    I notice by your profile that you are a Pastor. What do you do as a Pastor? I am not a Pastor in the traditional sense of one who pastors a church. I was just starting missions when I got sick. I help people and encourage them in stepping into their vision and then watch over them and protect them as they do it. Provide support and encouragement. A friend of mine is pioneering a church for physically and emotionally challenged people and I am his associate. I watch his back and provide advice to him. I occasionally preach and teach at a home Bible College that he is pioneering. I love being with people on a one on one. The ones Jesus talks about in Luke 4. I would eventually love to get into hospital chaplaincy and get back oversees to do disaster relief and minister the love of Jesus. Anyways it is great to meet a fellow Pastor. Welcome to the board. Blessings.