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    Deliver me, O Spirit
    By Creth D Hopkins

    O Spirit of God
    Deliver me in my infirmities;
    When the load of sorrow becomes unbearable,
    And the pain of despair blinds my eye of faith,
    When I am slandered and persecuted,
    By those who know not the cross I bear
    Deliver me, for Thou lovest and care.

    Deliver me, O Spirit of Sweet Conviction,
    When Thou seest in me
    A path that knows not Thy foot,
    A thought Thou cherishes not,
    A delight that grieves Thee deeply,
    A posture of heart
    That knows not Thy Presence.

    Deliver me, O Spirit of Love,
    From the old man
    Clothed in selfish garb
    Who loves no one but himself,
    And remains unthankful
    For mercy not earned,
    And love not deserved.

    Deliver me, O Spirit of Truth,
    From words not dipped in Love,
    From lips that speak half truths,
    From ears that listen to lies,
    From words full of haughtiness and pride,
    From hours of self-pity and vain-glory,
    Deliver me, from idolatry and self-hate.

    O Spirit of Encouragement
    Show me, anew, the joy my Salvation,
    In the forgiveness of my sins,
    In the blessedness of Thy Presence,
    In the crowning glory of Thy Love,
    In the majesty of Thy Holiness
    In the delight of Thy Mercy and Grace.

    Deliver me, O Spirit of Christ,
    From a life not lived for Thee,
    From a love not spent for Thee,
    From a heart not yearning for Thee
    From a soul not in love with Thee.
    From a faith not exercised in Thee,
    From a moment not given to Thee.

    - 2007

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    It is very beautiful, and so very full of truth from our own spiritual walk with the Lord.

    I just sent it to my husband (Richard). He surely needs to read it, say a pray that the Holy Spirit leads him as he goes through the words of your poem, and that he applies them to his backslide soul....................

    In Christs' Name,

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thank you very much for your editorial suggestions. As you can see by my action, I agree with your suggestions.

    Often, when I am caught up in the writing of a poem/prayer, I overlook such things sometimes.

    Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

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    Your are correct about computers. What is that old saying, "A computer is only as intelligent as the person who is running it." It really is true.

    As a writer in a number of languages, I am constantly aware of the syntactical relationships of words. When I am tired, I often overlook something relating to the syntax of a sentence. Any help along the way is always appreciated.

    Thanks again,