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    I took the ASI test and cortisol on low side of normal but goes up at end of day. my dhea is borderline. they (posenecker's folks) sent me seriphos and some pregnenolone. I am in stage 3 maladaptation. I am afraid to take this stuff since the seriphos everywhere i read is for high corisol??? Does anyone know anything about this. has any one used this site and what did you think. I am also going to an accupuncturist who has given me herbs. He thinks he can make me well but won't use words like CFS or FM. He said he had the same problem but was worse many years ago and was cured by oriental medicine. He says that we have to treat each imbalance individually, etc. but this doesn't give me 100% comfort. He does not seem interested in my blood tests, etc. just what I tell him? Oh, I dunno.
    No wonder we have brain fog..what, with all this bs.
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    Hello: I have been on Dr. Poesnecker's treatment for over a year--in fact I traveled to his clinic and spent a month there last August. I know in my case, once my cortisol was low in the a.m. and elevated in the afternoon, they had me take the seriphos only in the afternoon. I do think some things about his treatment plan have been very important to helping me. The biggest might be resting throughout the day off and on. The seriphos definitely helped me sleep better though I still never sleep all that well, and not feel as anxious. I have actually just about a month ago stopped taking it. I very gradually weaned off it. I seem to be very slowly balancing out--don't get as exhausted as I used to, don't get as anxious and 'wired' as I used to (which I came to realize was probably when my cortisol was very elevated). One thing I found with the clinic is that I had to be pretty assertive about asking questions whenever I had them and asking should I change dosage, etc. Also, I had to pay careful attention to how my body was responding to his remedies, and discontinue the ones that made me worse. Anyway, hope this helps. I'll try to answer other questions about my experience if you have them. Sara
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    did you take pregnenolone. did you feel that the exeperience there was worth it. what stage were you in when you started there? and do you feel that the worst is over? Can you see yourself going back to your old self healthwise.
  4. emallen

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    did you take pregnenolone. did you feel that the exeperience there was worth it. what stage were you in when you started there? and do you feel that the worst is over? Can you see yourself going back to your old self healthwise.
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    I took the Seriphos which is just the amino acid L-Serine for several months in the evening. It helped me sleep and it calmed me down enough to sleep. I had no side effects from it. Also like the pregnenolone which will increase your DHEA level and also your cortisol level.

    I've been taking Dr. Baschetti's Licorice Powder every morning to increase my cortisol level for the past 3 years and that has helped my energy a lot.

    I understand how you feel. I was very skeptical of Dr. Poesnecker and his team when I first saw him many years ago. Now I have complete faith in what he says since his remedies have helped me tremendously and in my opinion, the Clymer Healing Research Center has the best doctors for CFS and FM.

    Also I tried electroacupuncture for one month intensively and my FM got much worse from it. I also tried regular acupuncture and that did nothing for me. But we are all individuals and different things help different people.

    Good Luck!
    Love, Jasmine
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    Hello: I did try the pregnenolone, or however it is spelled. I wasn't able to tolerate it, for some reason. I got headaches and just felt generally worse, so Doctor Poesnecker had me stop it. I was in stage 2, according to my first ASI test. But 8 months or so later, my ASI showed I was in stage 4. I found this extremely disappointing, but the Doc said the reason the first test showed I had elevated cortisol in the a.m. was that I was taking licorice at the time. So I guess maybe I wasn't in stage 2 to begin with. While I was at the clinic, I did see considerable improvement. And maintained it once I got home. There were other people there when I was who stayed longer and saw a lot less improvement. And I heard stories of people who did really well. I think it has lot to do with the individual. As far as I have been able to determine, adrenal fatigue is a major aspect of my illness. All tests for hypercoagulation and PCR testing for viruses have come back negative. My theory is this is why I seemed to respond pretty well to his treatment, because my biggest problem might be adrenal. While I was there, I came across a book that has helped me a great deal I think. By Dr. Wilson, Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st Century Stress Syndrome. Hope I'm hitting all your questions. Not sure I'm remembering them all. But I think the trip to the clinic for me was worth it. I was pretty skeptical at first, and remain skeptical about some of the stuff they have there. But they gave me good advice about my diet that has helped. I think the biggest thing that has helped me is realizing how much stress affects me, and making choices that decrease my stress as much as possible. I can't say at this point that I see myself getting back to my old self healthwise. But I am determined to improve as much as I can. I guess that is one thing I was disappointed about the Poesnecker treatment in my case--I wanted a fast and dramatic 'miracle' cure! Don't we all...Anyway, I am getting tired and need to rest! Feel like I'm just babbling! Good luck, Sara