Poetry: Through the Eyes of a Mother

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    A poem about the author's mother witnessing his disability as it progresses..............

    Born "normal" and strong
    Beneath the harmonious melody,
    lies a discordant song
    It lies in wait to strike
    a river about to break its dike

    Everyone thought "what a blessing!"
    unseen wounds under a dressing

    Walked at seven months of age
    Another perfect page
    in the book of life
    soon to be filled with strife

    A few years go by
    Time to relax and sigh
    Life is good,
    nothing can go wrong
    A time misunderstood

    Filled with health and knowledge
    Most certainly going to college
    Get married, have little ones
    Bask beneath the rays of God's sun

    At five, the utopia crashes
    Everything which once was flashes
    Crumbling and falling apart
    Tears of the heart
    End of the lucky streak
    Beginning of the oblique

    Everything a false hope,
    everything a lie,
    learn to cope

    Each day, weaker
    Each day, bleaker

    Muscles deteriorate
    Progressively worsens
    never abates

    They think it can't get worse
    but it does
    unending like a curse

    Each level a plateau
    life deals another blow
    nothing anyone can do

    Desperate measures
    a shining light but a smidgen
    Put hope in religion
    If all else fails,
    God will help!
    Alas, nothing but tall tales

    Years go by and it's off to college!
    The future might be good after all
    SLAM! into another wall!
    Cannot breathe and lose consciousness
    Panic and stress!
    Hurry call a neighbor!
    No one there!
    Call 911!
    My son can't get air!
    At the ceiling he just stares!
    Perform CPR
    Await the paramedics
    Slowly the time goes tick, tick, tick
    An eternity of uncertainty
    no body under warranty

    tt can't get worse
    It just did!
    Almost had to call a hearse

    Watching him grow older
    The future getting colder
    A most certain fate of death
    Deny it until his last breath

    Poem written by John Gugie, www.butyoudontlooksick.com

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