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    Does anyone else play Pogo on-line? I am addicted to Payday FreeCell. I also play Solitare, and Poppit, once in a while I play Spider Solitare, it makes the days spent in bed a little better.
    Just wondering,
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    I'm a bit scared that I might get hooked on a game so I deliberately avoid playing any games on computer. I might enjoy too much!

    About twenty years ago I spent hours and many days, weeks, trying to land on the moon without crashing. I got better, but still crashed a lot. Someone here at work spends all free time playing Mah Jong. But......
    Good luck with games, enjoy, your Mr Bill.

    Oh, do you know anything about a site called "2nd life". I guess people create a "life", and about a million people "living" on site.

    Sociologists and epidemiologists are getting interested in site because might allow "real life" experimentation.

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