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    Welcome to the board! I have really been enjoying your posts and poems. My son loves classical music and I read him what you were listening to in your post to Bandwoman. Alan's favorites are Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Mozart's 40th in G minor. He has several other favorites but those are his top 2.

    He just got the soundtrack from the movie 300 which is about Persia invading Sparta. He has not seen the movie but just from the commercials he fell in love with the music. He's a big history buff and likes that sort of thing so he can't wait to see the movie whenever it comes out on DVD. Personally, it's not my cup of tea.

    Bandwoman and I are friends outside of the board and she sent him some classical CDs and has helped us with quests for music titles when all he could tell her is how it sounds. She's an incredible person.

    Another thing we have in common is that I also homeschool. I have been for 3 years. I also work fulltime which makes for a very long day....LOL!

    Again, welcome to the board, there are a lot of wonderful people here. I don't respond to all posts because of time contraints but I do read them and pray for everyone as God leads me to.

    Take Care
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    I am impressed by your son's taste in music. I, too, love Beethoven and Mozart. Does Alan play the piano? It is interesting to me that Alan was drawn to these two composers. Their lives were so intertwined. Vienna was always a special city for Beethoven for two reasons:
    (1)it was in April of 1787 that the 17 yr old Ludwig first played for his idol, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
    (2) Three years before he died in 1827, Beethoven showcased his Symphony No.9 in D minor in the Karntnertortheater before a rapturous Viennese crowd. The sound was tremendous because in Mozart's time the orchestra numbered at about twenty-five players; in 1824, Beethoven had enlarged the orchestra to about sixty players. The violin section, alone, numbered twenty-four! Not bad for a man who was totally deaf; deafness began to creep on him when he was but twenty-eight years old.

    Alan, let me give you a little test question, "What Symphony was inspired by fate knocking on the door?"

    Nancy, this is one reason why Sunshine and I have been homeschooling for 18 years: I can teach a Music Appreciation Class to my teenagers and really have fun with it. My wife plays piano and organ. In our home we have the following instruments on which our children play: a set of drums, one piano, one organ, three violins, one trumpet, one guitar and a pair of spoons (I play them). My wife teaches our children the piano, I give the children voice lessons. It is quite alot of noise sometimes, but the cacophony of sounds is FUN.

    Alan, by training I am an Historian and a large part of my library consists of books relative to history. What period of history do you especially enjoy?

    Blessings to you both as you grow together in the experience of homeschooling. It is a great deal of work, but it is worth it.


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    It is Sunday and I hope you are having the beautiful weather we are today. When I finish this, I plan to sit on my front porch, crochet and pray. It's so peaceful today.

    Alan has loved classical music since he was 12 or 13 I can't remember. He just turned 16 in April. Right now he is still asleep, he had a hard night of pain and didn't really fall asleep good until around 4 a.m. When he wakes up I'll ask him your questions.

    Alan does not play any musical instrument, and to my dismay, has no interest to. I hate it because he has such a natural ear for music. He can tell me every instrument being played every minute of any peice of music he is listening to. Using the computer, he takes bits and peices out of songs and mixes them and changes them to make his own sound which is incredible. He just does it for fun because he loves the music. Some of his other favorites are John Williams and a Japanese composer whose name escapes me. His newest interests are Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer.

    I'm not sure what period of history is his favorite. He's interested in weaponry and collects knives, spears and swords. His favorite person in history is Archimedes, the only thing he watches on TV is the History Channel and his favorite show on that is Modern Marvels.

    He is also an amazing writer and has been working on short stories for 2 years now. I personally wish he would continue more in that area but I understand that ideas don't flow on a scheduled basis...LOL.

    You're so correct, homeschooling is a LOT of work. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Your household sounds joyful and exciting with all the music coming from it.

    Blessings to you and yours as well.
    Take Care
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