poison oak and fibro

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    Has anyone with FM ever had poison oak? I popped out with poison oak over a week ago, came into contact with it a week before that.
    So, doctor gives me precription cream for it, and right after I started using it a few days after it popped out it got even worse. Now i'm just treating it with calamine lotion, and this morning I noticed some more that popped out on my upper thigh. The original rash is on my shin and calf. I've been so careful to not spread it anywhere else!
    I don't want to have to get a shot or take steroids to get rid of it!!
    Anyone know of a home remedy to make it go away?
    Anyone with FM had it before?
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    Don't know about poison oak, but I believe it has the same blisters and itching as Poison Ivy, that progress for 10 days, doesn't it? This is a cut and paste of a response I gave on a poison ivy thread. I believe banana peel may work in the same way, but have only used the watermellon treatment. I will bump that thread for you.

    My son gets it TERRIBLE. Even as a little kid, had to get on steroids, he would swell so bad, he would get deformed from it. Then, I read about using WATERMELLON.

    As you must know, Poison Ivy gets progressively worse for 10 days, then gets progressively better over the next 10 days. For the watermellon treatment: You take a slice of watermellon, and slice out the red, WAY DOWN to the WHITE. Rub the rind all over the poison ivy rashes. This will NOT make it go away, but it was said to stop the progression. So if you are at day 3, hopefully it will not progress to the full misery of day 10. My son has used this treatment twice and it did stop the progression.

    Now, I have no idea if this is the reason it may work, but, I recently read the Watermellon is high in Glutathione. Hmmmm.

    Anyway, is easy, cheap, delicious treatment, with no toxic side effects. Worth a try.