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    I have been on policosanol for a year. It dropped my lipid levels but my Doctor said the ldl and triglycerides needed to be a little lower. They dropped to about 120, and 123. Total cholesterol was 199. I'm not sure what happened but I changed my diet and eliminated all grains and grain products including all potatoes and all kinds of sugar. My blood results were really low. Total cholesterol was 159, ldl 95 and tri 78. These were good but I just read that total cholesterol should be between 180 and 200. Mine is too low. You are at double the risk for hemorghic (spelling) stroke. I stopped the policosanol but I don't know for how long I should do this. ANy ideas. Thanks all, Jess
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    My dad has low cholesterol, 167, and is fine. He's 79 years old and weighs 145. He's about 5'9" I think. He's never had a major (or minor) health problem other than a cold.

    He's never complained of arthritis or any of the 'older' conditions, so he must be doing something right.

    He eats what he wants and he bowls 1 afternoon a week. Four games.

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    that the whole Cholesterol thing was just something doctors made up to get you in more often. LOL! My dad was sure his refusal to believe in it was what kept his low all his life. He did nevertheless eventually die of the second cardiac arrest he had. There was NO warning and no medical signs that he was a candidate to have these episodes and living in WVA and going to the teaching college hospital in Maryland, he was never offered the quite common implant that gives the heart a jolt if it should go into arrest. I never understood THAT, but he probably would have refused it anyway. My Chohlesterol has always been (the bad) over 300 ) but they keep saying that the good is sooo high that it balances out. Makes no sense to me.