polio as a child

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    Has anyone here had polio as a child? I did as a very young child. Do you all think that these diseases are related? My doctor doesn't seem to be interested about my past polio. I just get too tired to try to deal with it. Barbarann
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    but she has RA. I think she has some FM, but hers is mainly joints. I do think her polio had alot to do with it.
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    Is considered to be in the same family as our illnesses. I know there are at least several others here who had Polio as a child.

    There is a theory that the Polio vaccines were contaminated with the CMV (virus) from monkeys used in the process of making the vaccine. This theory holds that even if we didn't get Polio, this Herpes-family virus has gone stealth in our bodies and produced CFIDS.

    My step-sister had Polio as a child and is not a well person and hasn't been for years. She is really my first cousin because my Mom married brothers. Her Dad, my Stepdad, was my biological Father's brother. All this is soooo confusing; I am my own cousin. No, I don't sit on the steps playing "Dueling Banjos."

    My daughters are the 3rd, or possibly 4th, generation with FMS on my Mother's side. My second cousins have been sick with an eating disorder, as was one of my daughters, and the other seems to have some kind of autoimmune illness for which the docs have not been able to find a niche or cause.

    My point is that if you start looking around, there are a lot of connected symptoms which run in families.

    Love, Mikie
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    shares many features with CFS. I personally know three people who had polio as a child and now have post-polio syndrome.

    Doctors are as bad, if not worse, at recognising this as a valid condition.

    There are, however, experts on this on both sides of the Atlantic so if you do a search on the www you should be able to find out who they are. I feel sure that some doc who specialise in CFS would also recognise this.

    In the meantime a lot of the self help measures people here are using would probably help you too.



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    Thank you so very much for the kudos. It really is our members here who make this such a great place. We have some medical professionals and some real research warriors here. All are very generous with sharing their knowledge.

    I think the best thing we can do is to learn all we can about these illnesses and any attending conditions we have. Madwolf, Jelly, and I, as well as others here, suffer from mycoplasma infections, so naturally, we are very interested in them. I haven't done much research on them in quite a while, but Jelly is reall up to date. BTW, 60-70 percent of us with these illnesses test pos. for chronic mycoplasma infection.

    I recently found out quite accidently that I obviously have a chronic Herpes-family infection, so that is my next great research effort. This takes time and a lot of reading, but it's worth it.

    The learning curve in the beginning is HUGE. You will be surprised at how fast you will learn about our illnesses just by reading the posts here. Thanks again. I really appreciate your kind words.

    Love, Mikie
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    might be of use to some of you.

    I was just looking at your profile, dejavu, and wondered what you meant about being a polio pioneer, so I looked at the list of your postings til I saw one about polio - and this is it.

    This book covers the illness post-polio syndrome [iirc?] and also similarities with CFS, i think.

    One of the important msg's in the book is to "conserve to preserve" meaning to not exhaust yourself, so you don't have a dive in energy. No, that wasn't a very good summarization. Hmm...from what I know from seeing the person on TV and talking with others who know his book, it recommends finding ways to save your energy. I get the impression from him and from a cfs doctor here that people who have been able to keep from exhausting themselves, by just coming to the edge of what they can easily do and then stopping, are recovering at least somewhat.

    Hope this makes some sense...

    jen f
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    I was given the polio vaccing which contained the live polio cells when I was in grade school. After reading the Polio Paradox, I have been trying to find any research connection between the live vaccine and pps. I can't find any articles - NONE- which in itself makes me suspicious. The book talks about people who had a very mild case of polio which was more like flu symptoms with a stiff neck, who have severe pps today. The live vaccine gave all of us school children a very light case of polio. I am wondering if that has any bearing on the vast numbers of people being diagnosed with FMS, and CFS, and related deseases in the last several years.

    I would really be interested to hear fom anyone who has come across any articles relating to this in their own research into FMS/CFS

    hugs from CAt
  8. Mikie

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    The polio vaccines may have been contaminated with another virus which triggered the CFIDS-type illness. There is now a lot of research into the possibility of children's vaccinations causeing all kinds of problems. If I had a child today, I'm not sure whether I would allow the vaccinations. It would certainly take a lot of soul searching before exposing them to something which may harm them and yet something which the experts say may keep them from becomming ill.

    An interesting aside is that in my 20's, I participated in an informal study where I worked in a large clinic. Those of us who suffered from cold sores took the oral Polio vaccine every three months for a year. During that time, none of us in the study had even one cold sore. I don't recall that any of us got sick from the oral vaccines either.

    Love, Mikie
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    hi i had polio when i was 10 years old 1960.i was diagnosed with fibro in 1991 and now ive got ME and arthritis.I finished work in January this year with fibro with ill health at the age of 53 i was working ok i had 12 weeks off at a time when i was in flares until it came in my feet then that was it I had to finish work,since ive finished work ive gained 2 stone in weight now im trying to slim, its hard very very hard.I walk with walking stick and also got disabled scooter because i have a lot of vertigo so im not as active as I used to be, im in a flare at the moment finding it hard to spell words.the words seem to be jumping out at me,this flare im in is,pain in ribs,spots in mouth,swollen knee and ankles. neck and back pain ,facial pain with jumping of left eye. So yes i do think it as got some kind of conection with polio ive always got some pain in my legs and find it difficult to walk.Im from England and I look at this site all the time im glad i read this,hope it as help you. bye the way my name is kath.