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  1. What are your doctor visits like? I have been seeing a couple doctors at a free clinic.These are retired doctors and staff who tend to be very careless and forgetful.

    They lost so many of my records and test. I now have a great doctor but he thinks that all my problems may stem from Hemochromotosis and Copd. I tend to think I have these illnesses but still have fybro and arthritis.

    What test do I need to have my doctor do to check on my fybro pain?

    I have to be able to prove that I am sick. I can't prove it if I don't have test done.

    Did your doctors send you for x rays? MRI? Nerve conductor test?

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    Really, those other tests will only rule out other things. Fibro won't show up on any of those tests. If they turn out normal, it won't show you have Fibro, but it may help in showing what you don't have - therefore why you may have Fibro.

    I would assume something like x-rays would show arthritis. I had them several years ago on my knees. I also had a nerve conductor test, but that won't prove Fibro either, just rules out others. Has your Dr. done the tender point test for Fibro?

    The tender point test, ruling out other illnesses and having the symptoms of Fibro is really the only way I know of to "prove" you have Fibro.
  3. Did you win? Yes I tested 18 out of 18 tender points but I just found out that through my denial at alj. Since my hubby had the illness he assumed I was faking. I am a very honest person. The judge who heard my case denied 19 out of 20 of his cases and he is a new judge. Hope this helps when filing an appeal.

    What judge in their right mind denies 95 percent of his cases, Something is wrong here.

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