Poll About housing?

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  1. I was wondering how many people rent or own their homes.Because I have a great Idea! We use to own but when I started getting sick and Hubby had been sick for so long we lost it.Well We rent a home nicer than the one we owned.

    MY great Idea is to Have a fibro community.
    A charity could help and it would be a great benefit to have peole in your same situation help. This illness robs you of your freedom It robs you of your friends,

    IT wouldn't have to be a cult LOL you know you can still go where you want but a little assistance when you need it .You would have somuch support with people living in the same situation.Only requirement would be someone have fibro in you family. It would just be just like a apartm,ent that has everything on ground floor no walking up and down all the time.Also we could have a Sauna or other benefitting treatment on sight.Well Just a thought. Ruthie
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  2. Somone please reply I think It was too early and post got loss. Thanks Ruthie
  3. darvick

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    If it could be done count me in, don't know how we'd start or manage it but it is a great idea, a heated pool and handicap access,support groups, ground floor, classes on stretches etc.. Keep in touch.
  4. pamj

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    There have been coversations on this in the past. Lots of people do feel that they would benefit from a situation like this.

    There are actually some places to live that are set up for people with CFS/FM. I think there's one here in Mass in Gloucester... and I think I read something recently from a CFS bulletin I received that talked about another one.

    Maybe someone else here will know more about them.

    take care,
  5. JLH

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    I own my own home.
  6. rachel432

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    my husdband and i rent the first floor of a two flat on a rather unique block. a lot of the meighbors have chronic illness like ms and hiv. some of the people on the block have strange job situations where they travel a lot or work odd hour.

    but what is the unique part about the block is the way people help eachother out. the man with ms is homebound so he has spare keys to almost every ones houses in case people get locked out or someone is getting home really late and someone needs to get into their house to let there dogs out and feed them.

    the man we rent the building from has no family except an elderly mother who is very ill in a nursing home i'm the emergency contact for her since he goes out of town a lot for business. when my husband was out of town for 2 weeks about 2 months ago the neighbors kept cooking for me because they all no i can't cook.

    when one of the people are doing work on their houses they never think twice about knocking on doors asking for help, and they always get it.

    it what your talking about with a fibro village is a commune like enviornment where everone helps each other with what needs to get done, i say it's a great idea. our block has turned into that oer the years and i love it! all the time i get people asking why i don't buy a house and how i'm wasting money by renting. it's hard to explain to people that this is the perfect situation and that the people make all the difference. if you could create a community like where i live i think people whould be lining up to get in!

    sorry this is so long.
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  7. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    We barely own a home. We are always two to three months behind on mortage. I hope we never lose it.

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