poll about wheelchairs?

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  1. Has anyone gotten so bad they have a wheelchair?Also ANyone heard about this article in guidepost about a woman almost dying from this Illness?Ruthie
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    i bought a transport chair which looks like a wheelchair with smal wheels...you have to be pushed in it....i only use it if i am going out of town to a mall or somewhere where i would have to walk...i am too embarrassed to use it in our small town i know,i know,i needto get over myself!!

    i wish i would have gotten a scooter instead...so i can propel myself...it will ber something to get later...they are more expensive!

    there was a poll like this not too long ago...i can't remember the topic though....there was lots of information...
  3. I was just interested in if you do get wors over time to a point you need a wheelchair.Thanks for information.Ruthie
  4. lovethesun

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    I've put stick on Flowers on the back and I'm going to get streamers for the handles.I have to have one so I might as well make it fun.Linda
  5. Crispangel66

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    get one as soon as I can afford to.

    I really need one.

    I use a scooter at walmart or wherever I go that they have one.

  6. Donya58

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    I use a cane when I go for "walks." At the mall I push a shopping cart and sit on the benches fairly often. I'm embarrassed to be seen out in public with my cane. My doc said for me to treat it like my friend and not my enemy. Happy Spring Everyone!! Donya:))
  7. lovethesun

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    they go pretty fast but it's worth taking a look.I only paid $50 for mine.Linda
  8. Lolalee

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    I use it when I need it. My doctor wrote me a script for it and my insurance company paid for it. I hate using it because it embarrasses me. I dislike being at the same height as a child because I'm sitting down. But, having it gives me the ability to get out of the house on days when I will scream if I stay home another minute. I'm still somewhat limited because my husband has to push me, but it's better than nothing.

    I also have a cane which comes in very handy because I might start the day feeling ok and within a few hours I cannot walk depending on what I've been doing.

  9. Cakeart

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    Hi! I am 39 and the mom of a middleschooler. I use one to go to Costco, the mall, museums, amusement parks, homeschool conferences, and the like.

    I use a cane for church, short errands, and walking on sidewalks or other uneven surfaces. The cane is mostly for balance, and I prefer a quad cane as it can stand upright, so I dont have to worry about what to do with it when I sit down.

    I view the powerchair as an "enabler". With it I can still take my dd to fun places. With out it I have to stay home.:(

    I have fun with it. I love the color pink, so my hubby painted my cane pink, and an artistic friend painted roses on it. I covered my powerchair seat with a pink carseat cover purchased at Target. Now, instead of these devices being scary, little children are eager to come over and check them out. Once while waiting for a table at Outback, a little preschool girl picked up my quad cane and walked off with it. The mom brought it back appologetically but I was laughing so hard because the girl was so cute. She was indignant that mom took it away, she thought it was a toy!

    The pink seatcover says"princess" and when adults comment on it, I joke that royalty must have a throne, so I put mine on wheels. Now, I am generally a quiet person, but these things give people a way of starting a conversation with me, so they can learn that I am just like them, only in a chair, or with a cane. Instead of just getting stares or embarrassed starts, or completely ignored, I now get to meet people and help them learn about fm/cfids. It is fun, and much less painful to boot!

    Hope this helps,
  10. Cakeart

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    I got my powerchair on ebay, brand new, last year. I paid less than many people pay for scooters. The man selling it only wanted to recoup his out of pocket expenses after his dad's insurance paid most of it. His dad passed away before getting to use it more than a couple of times. It is wonderful, and has truely been a blessing to my family.

    Hugs, cakeart
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    and have both a manual one (too weak to roll it, but use it as a walker) and an electric one. And no, I'm not 100 years old, but in my early 40's.

    It was a hard transition to resort to a wheelchair and it is difficult to have people look at you, but it is more difficult to be totally housebound. At first, I was sad about it, but now I feel very blessed to have it, and often comment about how happy I am to have it. My dear husband was kind enough to push me around, but you wouldn't believe the freedom I felt when I could decide what I wanted to look at, for how long, etc.

    Also, while you can get so sick that you need a wheelchair, I think that you can "graduate" back out of it with the proper medical care. That is my hope and prayer. I am stronger than I was a year ago. At one point, I was too fatigued to use the controls of an electric wheelchair, but now I get around pretty well.

    One good thing about the chair. While it is true that you are lower than everyone else, that isn't always bad. Kids often stare at me, but when I flash them a big smile, they go on like it's old hat. Cracks me up every time.

    Blessings to you. Jen102
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    I wish I had a scooter.I would be out whenever I felt well enough.Linda
  13. Shannonsparkles

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    When I got over the not being able to walk part of the equation, I felt relieved to have my wheelchair. I am so sick that I am housebound, but on the rare occasions that I do need to go out for a doctor appointment, it's good to know that I won't have to get run down physically as much by walking.

    When I got my wheelchair, the first thing I did was to name it, as if it were a pet horse to help me to get around. The smoothness of getting wheeled by someone is better than walking around feeling I am about to collapse. After the hardships of trying to walk and losing the ability to do so, being in a wheelchair felt like flying along.

    I'll mourn some more over my failing legs next time I have to go out in the contraption. And I will continue waving to people when I see them, while I am in the chair. I don't want to feel any shame over it, as if needing wheels is a personality defect. It's the illness that's doing it. It's not my fault.

    I don't know the answer to the dying question. If you find the article, Ruthie, will you post it for us please?

    Ruthie, how are you doing, dear? You must be feeling pretty crummy now to be thinking of wheelchairs and dying. What's going on these days? You always have our love and support. Let us know how you are doing.
    (((hugs & wheelies))) ;) Shannon
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    Ruthie, you asked about getting worse to the point where you need a wheelchair.

    From reading this thread, I can see that some of us do. Some of us, but not all of us. Maybe not you!

    If a person does get sick enough to need one though, then a wheelchair can be a relief when it does come. If you do get to needing one, a wheelchair can help you to do things and go places that you would have been cut off from doing before. It's humbling and sad to need one. But if you do need one, life is better with it than without.

    ((ruthie)) P.S. I love your name. It's cute! :)
  15. Thanks for all who responded I guess just wondering since I am at begining of illness That I wanted too see how bad it can get. I feel bad enough already this illness sarted like 3 months ago but have had a few times beofre that I thought I was getting sick but this time I definetly feel that I am. Thanks sparkes for your concern Ruthie
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    oh i love it, i thought about getting pink seat covers too!!! i love pink. dont u get annoyed with people- lol u must like pink : ) lol

    oh how i despised my wheelchair and the people who said robin you need it. fine i know i need it, but i dont want it. until i read a wise article about stop fight ing it and be happy that you have it.
    it got me out, instead of sitting at home. and i got to go have lots of fun with my girls instead of wearing myself out somewhere and having a seizures. i guess i will take my wheels : )

    i get 3 looks from using it. the first is people completly doing there own thing, and u are just another person- love that .
    2. people ignore you, and the person who is pushing you get shoved and pushes me into a tree or something, lol- bad people
    3. people who look sorry for you, - rejoice with me. i am out, yes this excursion might set me in on the couch for 2 days, but look at me i am out having fun.

    the good news is that i am needing it less and less. i might grumble when my husband or dad insist i need it but inside i am grateful i have it.
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    i was loudly accused of being drunk.

    i was shopping with my family and my knees buckled and i fell into a clothes rack.
    this woman shouted out 'looks like someone needs a black coffee'
    the horrible trog! i will never forget her :(
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    then sold it about 5 years later because I wasn't feeling weak all the time anymore.

    Now, I use them at the grocery store or Walmart most of the time. But, sometimes if I am feeling strong enough, I take the opportunity to get my heart rate up by walking. Plus those carts at the stores are sooo much slower than my old one was.

    I just bought a car with a hatch back with the idea that I could buy a gogo, etc., but I have to look at ramps still.

    I really liked the idea of the pink seat cushion. I'll keep that in mind if I get one. : )

    Don't know about the woman who almost died from this. Sure felt like it a few times in the beginning though.

    Good luck ... Marcia

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    I don't have a weelchair but I use one when I need it in the stores. Sometimes my knees feel like they are just going to buckle and the pain is horrible. I also have bad disk in my lower back and my legs are weak because of it. I also have a cane and use it when needed. There are days that I am ok and I don't need any assistance but I keep my cane in the car and know there are chairs available if I need one. Not everyone with Fibro comes to the point where they need wheelchairs.
    I'v not heard about the article in the guidepost and I have never heard of anyone dying from Fibro but I can understand the depression and how low we can get. How did she almost die? would like to know.
    Don't worry if you get to the point where you need a wheelchair...which I hope you don't...there are much worse things.
    Hope you are doing well. Good luck.

  20. ilovepink4

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    i didn't get a choice....unless i waited to order one...and they didn't have pink...i have red which is in the same color family as pink...