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  1. Just wondering again how many people have had to quit their jobs? I am still working but think someday I may not be able too.It is very scary cause All we have is a check for his dissability and what I bring home serving.So we could have lots of problems down the line just waiting for social security too start. I just hope This summer brings me better health.Ruthie
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    It got to the stage where every where on my body was hurting to much and by the time I got home at lunch time (only worked mornings) all I wanted to do is lye down and not move. so by the time the kids came home from school I had no energy for them, and that was the end of working for me.

  3. jakeg

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    I didn't even have a chance to quit my job they fired me for being out to long under the medical leave act after 6 months.

    Before I went on STD the pain was so bad that I could no long concentrate on the functions of my job. Spent all my time on concentrating to hold off the pain until I could go home.

    When I got home I'd lay down and fall asleep so as not to fell the painand not wake up till the next day and still feel exausted. That was June of 05.

    Now I'm at the point that sleeping and pain meds bring no relief. I'm currently waiting for the outcome of the LTD process so I know wether or not I will need to hire a lawyer to fight the ins co.

    I did win the fight for STD on my own though.

    Take Care

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    I used to work alot. Just over two years ago I was working full time and running my own business.

    I quit my job and closed my business to move to the US with my husband. I fully intended on getting another full time job even if I didn't run another business here.

    By the time my work permit came through I was sick enough that I didn't think I could hold a full time (retail) job. I joined my best friend in her business doing Medical Transcription, Transcription and Editing cause I could do that from home and sort of in my own time.

    I am now at the point where I can't even do that anymore. I do help her out with some jobs from time to time but they are few and far between that it's hard to call it a true job.

    I feel like I don't contribute and it really bothers me. I wish I could still work but there are days I can't get out of bed and I am housebound a lot of the time. I can't rely on a specific sleep schedule as I either can't sleep at all or I can't stay awake...one extreme to the other.

    I hate being this way.
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    Quit working. I had been working a 6hr job 5 days a week and couldn't handle that. I can't imagine if it had been an 8hr job. Then I get denied by SSA and I start thinking maybe they are right then I get another flare up and relize I can't and even the days I am not in a flare up I still am unable to do so many things I could do before. I never relized how many things I can't do anymore until my lawyer had me write down the things I could do before and the things I can do now, and how that has changed since I got sick.

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    work and have not for 3 years, I will be going back to work as soon as my son starts school. I have to. We are at that point where we are to poor to afford anything but make to much to get any help. Seems like there is a growing # of people in my shoes. Anyway, tried the disability thing, even have a lawyer. They are just taking there sweet time about it so I plan on going back to work. I will just have to find a new occupation cause electrical work is way to hard.
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    I was fired last week from a job I truly loved. Except for my boss and some co-workers I loved my job. I intend to find another job as soon as my doctor will allow me to do so. I personally would never quit,I'm to stubburn for that. Don't worry about tommorrow. God will provide.
    Good health to you.
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    I have not been able to work for several years, but am trying to find something part time.
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    i still work as a nurse four evenings a week. but in order to do that i have to space out the days. so i work 2, take one off to recoop then work 2 more with 2 days off to recoop. also i only ever work the 3-11 shift because with the insomnia problem i can't get up in the mornings. in order to get this schedule which i need i work through an agency instead of working for on institution. the good news is that i have found a way to keep working for the while and it is the nicest and lowest stress on my body. the only problem is that after working the four shifts a week i rarely have the energy to do anything extra or fun.
  10. deb06

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    Quit working in 2000. Just got disability. Please educate yourself and set yourself up ahead of time to be successful if you ever do have to quit work. I wish I had planned ahead. deb
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    I work 4 days a week. I am off on wdes and the weekend so I survive. I have days I wonder how long I can do it but I can't afford to quit and it sounds as if disablity isn't easy to get and I just don't know if I have the strength to fight for it.
    Hubby is on the verge of losing his job so I can't quit now. Besides I work in an office enviroment and my boss is very understanding so my job isn't to tasking just stressful at times as any job can be.
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    I'm not working. I wish I was. I miss my friends at work. I miss being with people. I miss doing something productive. I miss helping my spouse with the bills. However, I couldn't remember anything that I was doing at work...rather embarrassing and made me feel so stupid. Just don't have the energy to work each day. I did try...worked a couple of hours, rested for 22 hours to get up and work for another few hours. Couldn't do anything but rest. It didn't work for me. My advice is keep working if you are able.
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    I work full time - 45 hours a week and sometimes more in the summer. I am exhausted in the evenings, and am lucky to have weekends off to recuperate. I would like to quit and stay home and rest more, but with my boys both in college, I cannot stay home. I do what I have to do. I am just thankful this didnt hit me till my boys were older. I cannot imagine it if they were little. I feel so badly for those of you with little ones who need your attention so much, and you are feeling so rotten. I am hoping in about another 1 to 2 years I can stay home. Right now finances wont allow it. I am lucky I do have a desk job, there is absolutely NO WAY I could work on my feet. I have RA too, and if I am on my feet more than 5 mintues, I am in severe pain. If I had an on the feet job, I would be retired by now. Best to you all. I love this board. Pattie
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    In a way, I was lucky that I was working at a job I loved, and my symptoms were under control for all but the last two years. It got to the point that I knew I had to get out or wind up in the hospital. I stuck in there until I was approved for longterm disability from my federal govt job and was able to keep my health care benefits.

    I stopped working in December 2004, and it is the best thing I've done. I still need a lot of sleep and have maybe 3-4 "good" hours per day, but I'm out of the push and crash cycle. I'm able to break my routine of rest and moderate exercise occasionally, but more than a day without my two naps per day can put me into a flare that lasts for weeks. Just a reminder that I need to be on disability retirement. Maybe one day I'll do well enough to get a part time job, but it isn't in the cards for the foreseeable future.
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    I've had random, unexplained pain for about 10 years.
    But, i had to stop working when migraines took over my life 24/7. It was not until after the stress was removed that all the other FM symptoms soon followed. I had been pushing my body past its physical capability for many, many years. For me, it was just time!

  16. Jordane

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    I was a seasonal worker,May to Dec.Worked in a tree yard.Was there for 19 yrs.This would have been my 20th.
    Can no longer do it,very physical.Clearing lots,using power saws & such.We also used pesticides and herbacides.Last year was a battle to do my job.I really pushed my body as far as it could go.Now I am paying for it.
    My daughter blames this DD on that.The pesticides and herbacides,So now I am mostly in bed,and sick,and all the other fun stuff.Trying for Disability Pension.And I am really nervous about it.
    Take Care,

  17. fibrofirend44

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    Hi....I too had to quit working and its been over one year due to complications w/fibromyalga and cfs. Sometimes I feel like I want to work again, but then I know that my body will not agree with me. I can relate to many of the posts on this subject...as I read them I felt that it was me, reading about my life. Hugs to all who have lost jobs,. I've been there too.
    I pray for healing and give God thanks for a new day of life and try to cope with reality and try to be positive although my body is hurting all the time.
    Please beware, there are a lot of insensitive people out there...beware of them! do not let them put you down!! You are important! We did not ask for this dreadful condition...and we are special people too! Your fibro friend...aq
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    This is what I tell myself in the mornings when I have to get up. I really can't retire right now, I need five more years. I am in the best place to make it for five.

    I got really tired today about 12:30 and my teaching assistant knew it. Sometimes she wears me out with the amount of her talking. I prefer the quiet so I can think.
    And my kids were really good today.

    I probably need to have my thyroid checked again. I know I don't have enough quarters to get disability except through the school retirement plan but I don't plan to do that.
  19. JLH

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    I have had fibro and lupus since I was about 10.

    I managed to work for 30 years and raise three children while doing so; however, in 1999 I was forced to retire due to the fibro and many other health problems (listed in my bio).

    The tremendous pain, fatigue, long hours, and the long commute were just too much.

    I was only 48 and really too "young" to retire with their "age and service points system"; however, they were in the process of having a "reduction in force" and gave me enough "points" to take early retirement. I had to take a 25% cut in my pension to retire then, but it was so worth it--I really didn't have any other option, I wasn't physically able to do it any longer. I thought 30 years was enough!
  20. BlackPanther

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    I finally realized in January of 2005 that I just could not work any more. I had missed so many days that I had to lose a week's pay (and I had 41 paid off days). So I retired February 4, 2005. It took till about the end of August to finally start feeling a little better (pain wise). Still have CFS and other stuff. I have no health insurance because I am not old enough for medicare. Luckily I get my prescriptions free from the companys that manufacture them and from the mental health clinic. I even lost the "pain" frown lines (yea). It is so wonderful to sleep until i am done sleeping. Some days I don't even get drressed and my limit is about 2 hours (spaced) of housework or paperwork, so my place is a mess, but the pain is less. I read most of the messages and realize I am not alone in having to leave work because of FMS and CFS. I applied for SS Disability but was turned down. I have filed an appeal (with the help of an attorney), and am waiting for the hearing. I am so broke I charged catfood last week! Yikes!!! I really shouldnt have worked the last 2 years but had to because i wasn't old enough to get social security until last year. from Panther