Poll: Anyone have trouble with needles or I.V.'s?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Debgene56, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Debgene56

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    Just had my third bad experience in a row with a needle. Had a iv on Monday. Was put in very roughly, and the spot was held down very hard while they drew blood. It felt tight when they were done. Soon my hand went red and cold and weirds sensations in it, plus my upper arm felt funny. They put the solution in for dehydration and it instantly burned like fire, so they took it out. It is bruised and it hurts to move the arm, and a nerve has been jumping around at times but no swelling. Last month I had blood taken, she hit a nerve and it hurt the whole time. I ended up with a bruise and a big bump and it hurt for a couple of weeks. In september I had a IV for dehydration, they used a small needle, went in really slow and took twice as long, then my vein blew up and I swelled and it hurt forever.

    Is this normal? Never had problems before, is it bad needles, bad people or me. Apppreciate your input. Yes I smoke, and yes that is on the list to stop. Love, Deb
  2. Notonline

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    This brings back many painful memories. I just hate getting any kind of bloodwork or IV done...no one can ever find a vein. I usually end up looking like a human pincushion or a drug addict with about 8 needle marks in each arm. I've swelled, had 5" bruises, and really sore arms at times. I been the lucky recipent of a few IV's of liquid fire myself.

    Try to drink plenty of water before any future bloodwork if possible, plumps up the veins, sometimes it works for me, sometimes not. Also it's can be very hard to find someone who is really good at drawing blood, but when I do, I take names and usually call ahead to see if that person is on staff at the lab the day I plan to get any blood drawn. I'm about ready to tattoo X's on my arms, so they know where to jab first.

  3. tedebear

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    Just thinking about it brings pain.
    I have RSD as well as FM. They now use a pre-anesthetic before putting in the needle. It helps a little. You still feel pain when pricked but not as much.
    As for this before getting poked. It may help a little.
    Soft teddy hugs.
  4. pam_d

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    Someone said drink plenty of water---yes!! I always do this now. My biggest problem is, nobody can find my veins. I have had the experience of having several botched attempts made, then finally told to return the following day when somebody else was on duty! (They & I got so sick of trying). I wonder if many of us have this problem??!!

  5. Mikie

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    Especially for dental work, I go into a relaxation response prior to the needle's insertion. A rigid, tight body makes it more difficult to insert the needle and makes it more painful. I know this is counterintuitive and takes a lot of mind-over-matter control, but it does help tremendously.

    Love, Mikie
  6. dd

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    My veins like to play hide and seek with the docs. I used to have "good" veins prior to these DD's. Now if I have to have an IV they usually end up putting it in my hand...veins aren't good there either...they usually have to torture me a few times. I ended up with phelbitis sp?? at my IV site after having my gallbladder out a year ago. That was very painful...sent pain up my arm and my hand was swollen from the bruised vein. It hurt really bad for about a week. I alternated with ice packs and a heating pad for the pain and swelling. It worked quite nicely.

    I was given some very good advice by a very caring nurse before my last surgery in August of 2002. She said that when the body is tensed up the veins do disappear and that makes it very difficult to draw blood or put in an IV. She told me to relax and try to count to 10 and concentrate on breathing. This did work for me that time...especially the breathing part. I am terrified of needles and get sick to my stomach even looking at them. So now I don't even look anymore. She also suggested that the next time I have to have any blood work done to drink plenty of water so that the body is hydrated.

    Best of luck to you.


  7. baybe

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    Years ago when I had my hysterectomy and my first real surgery.After the surgery the pain that bothered me most was the IV, after surgery I couldn't feel the incision ( I had a bikini cut) but I could feel that IV. I went back in for a second surgery to remove and ovarian cyst and the same thing again, I asked the nurse in the middle of the night to please take it out I couldn't stand it. They like to leave then in just incase they need them again, but I was like stick me later but please get this out. I don't know the reason, but IV needles cause me more pain than the actual surgery. This was before I realized I had the fibro so I don't know why, but I do know that I really have a problem with them staying in for any amount of time.
  8. Notonline

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    Yep, forgot to mention that! I usually ask if they can try that first...alot easier sometimes. They have different sizes on IV's too I think? One nurse told me once upon a time (after about 6 tries with the IV) to ask about smaller one's (she said "child-size" with me)if I had to have another IV in the future.

    I have not yet been diagnosed with FM, but I've had 95% of the symptoms for over 10 years, worse since the birth of my son. (I was labeled as being depressed as a teenager, so I think sometimes I am almost automatically classified "depressed housewife" as soon as I set foot in a Dr's office anymore.)

    Looks like I'm not alone in my total dread of needles though!