Poll: Anyone spend most of day in bed due to pain? What type of mattress do

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by painfreesoon, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    Long time since I posted.

    I spend about 90% of day in bed lying down, need new mattress. Don't like memeory foam, it shapes to body and you have to stay in that positon, seems to flatten out, and I'm not a large girl.So it's not that. I read that alot.

    Looking at getting a Sleep Number, got good deal on one with 30 guarentee, but not sure.

    On disability, this a big purchase for me, but I really need something that I Pray will help, even just a little.

    I know we are all different, but want opinions from others in extreme pain.

    Other sites are just "regular "people and most were heavy, so that was a big issue.

    My profile gives ALL my info, more than you'd want to know.:)
    But might help in answering my question.
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Claudia

    I got an adjustable bed with a latex matteress(had to put a 3inch memory foram topper on it tho). The topper is hard at first then warms up and shape to body however you dont have to stay in that position.

    Are you maybe talking about the egg-crate kind that do that?

    look on your local want ads lots of medical items for sale.
  3. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    I have the memeory foam topper, 2 actually, and they have "shrunk", about half original thickness.

    Medical beds are good for adjustable, so I may check them out, but don't want one that looks "medical" I'll feel like I"m dying. Already depressed about being stuck in bed.

    Not sure what to do.
    Thanks for the advice,
  4. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this too.

    I'm on pain med and muscle relaxers too.

    You don't mention what type of bed you use.
    I have decided to try a newer version of memory foam. Hoping it helps.

    Take care, you're in my thoughts and prayers. This is a difficult challenge for sure.
  5. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I don't sleep well at night so I end up sleeping during the day. I want to get a better mattress, we bought a new mattressa and box springs but they are nothing specail, just what we could afford. I would love to hvae a Intelligel bed. it is teh best bed I have ever laid on, I loved it so comfortable. But like the sleep number beds they are expensive and It is going to take a long time to save up for one.

    It is better than memory foam, supportives yet soft and fits your body. I tried on in the store and I could have fallen alseep right there if they would have let me.

    OUr bed now leaves me feeling stiff and my back hurting. But it was what we could afford. I need to learn how to reset my internal clock to leern how to sleep at night not during the day light hours. Any one know how to do this? Thanks so much. I need to do some more research on teh intelligel bed to find which one I really want that fits where my pain is.
    Have a good morning.
  6. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    Thanks everybody. Will keep trying!

    Best to you and good health!
  7. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    will look up Inteligel.:)
  8. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    I did post in 2 places.:) I ususally don't get many answers that really address my issue for some reason, so I did on both boards.
    Thanks for your response!

    Best to you,
  9. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    I have tried ALL meds for FM, on and off label, most make matters worse!
    The meds I'm on now don't do a lot, but help somewhat, which is better than nothing!

    I do NOT have children, just a husband, which is similar.:)I have 2 dogs, they're my "kids".:)

    Ordered new bed, mattress arrived today, frame not until next week so I'm on aero bed w/topper.Hoping I can move! Who knows I may like this better than the new bed! I hope not, returning things is always a nightmare, so I'm hoping my new bed will help.

    Keep trying new thing's, thats what I do, most don't work, but you never know when something will. Thats my motto!

    Take care, I understand your pain completely.
    Regarding depression, I can't take anti-depressants they make me more depressed, just a thought, you mentioned depression.
  10. KKMK

    KKMK New Member

    Please don't waste your money on a Tempurpedic. I have literally spent over $10,000.00 on matresses and the tempurpedic really didn't help. After about 2 year I cut open the "protective cover" to see what it was made of: 2 thick egg carton mattresses and topped with a memory foam topper about 2 inches thick. You can recreate this yourself and save yourself over $2000.00. I wish someone had told me.

    BTW - right now I have a "sleep to live" mattress set and it's the best I've found so far and I do spend a massive amount of time with it.[This Message was Edited on 01/18/2012]

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