Poll- breastfed or not?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pheline, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Pheline

    Pheline New Member

    Were you breastfed as a baby? with caveats- since these things matter in the course of digestive, allergy and respiratory issues-

    How long were you breastfed?

    How long did you have ONLY breastmilk?

    When did you start solids?

    What solids did you eat before age one?

    my answers- never breastfed- of course had dairy, and very likely very early solids. after all, I remember my aunt dipping my cousin's pacifier into her Manhattan and giving it to him. He has MS now. :-((

    I had a celiac sprue test today that I'm kind of hoping is positive.
  2. auntcon

    auntcon New Member

    for a little while... so sad that they didn't encouraage that when i was a baby.

    I nursed my kiddos and I'm so glad I did. Jake had really severe ear problems (9 surgeries) and I'm sure he would have been in real trouble without all of that chin work.

    We have allergies in my family and that was my main goal.
    But he got Chicken Pox while he was still nursing and I was so glad that he could get comfort from his momma.

    AND I LOVED doing something for them that no one else could ;-D

    I used to sneak drinks of mom's jack and coke YUM when I was little. but haven't had a "drink" for almost 20 yrs.

    Very interesting post I'll have to talk to my mom on the rest.

    I have a friend whose son has celiac. I'm very "white" food (flour gluten sugar) sensitive. I think there's something to watching your diet. Wish I'd do better.

  3. mommy22

    mommy22 New Member

    I was for about 6-7 months. I think I started mushy solid and other stuff about 3 months or so. THey used to start that diet a lot earlier than they do now. I, too, breastfed both my kids. My son was nursed for 6 months. HE weened himself and it broke my heart. My daughter nursed for about a year and a half. It will be curious to see, as this generation grows, if breastfeeding makes a difference. I know it was taboo but is really encouraged these days. SOnya

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