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  1. reeann926

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    I am curious to know: Since developing fibro/CFS, have any of you started your own business after leaving a regular, full-time job? If so, what kind of business was it, what sort of hours do you put in, and what sort of income are you deriving? I have had fibro for 9 years, and my full-time sales rep position is becomming too much for me. I'm not ready to go for disability yet, and still feel that I have alot to offer; however, the 2-3 hour commutes to call on accounts, and the early morning appointments are absolute hell for me (I'm sure that many of you can relate). I am interested in your replies.
  2. schaken

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    Don't have a home based business. I work 20 to 40 hhours a week doing home health care. About 10 hours a week are respite.

    What is good about this is that you are helping other people out. Many of them in worse shape than we are. They almost always understand pain, also.

    Some days I work really hard. Others I just take real slow.

    Pay not to good though.

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    I have a website business and work out of my home. When I started my no-tie scarf business I also did craft shows and fashion shows for additional income but am no longer able to do shows. Unfortunately women are no longer dressing up for employment and this has really affected my business. I recently designed a Cotton Turban for women with hair loss and that is helping to produce income. There are advantages of a home based business however you will be working hard to promote and maintain. I think websites for babies and children do very well and your background as a sales rep could help you.
    Wishing you good luck with whatever you decide.

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    I agree with Scarflady that children's items, baby items, and, actually another would be items for pets, go pretty well. I do two craft shows a year, and those are the items that sell the best. If you sew, there are patterns for just about everything. If you don't, there are websites that wholesale items for resale that might work if you were to sell on e-bay or have your own website. I've bought machine embroidery designs on e-bay from digitizers who sell their work that way. The trick is to find something you can live with in terms of time and talent as well as something that people are looking for. It isn't steady. People on the whole are "mood shoppers". One day they're looking for just what you have, the sun is shining and all's right with the world, but another day,they may see the same item, but they may feel "poor", discouraged and totally not in the mood to buy anything! My husband and I also flea market, and we've had some really good days, some mediocre days, and some truly bad days.

    Good luck!
  5. smiffy79

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    i work in animal rescue right now (check profile lol) and will carry on after i have done my trainer training and then with a bit of luck will have my own dog training school.

    are you in the uk or us? if in the uk i can get you a number to help you w/anything you want to do if anything different?

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