POLL: CFS & FM's 3 biggest obstacles to ideal weight

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kim, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Kim

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    As a person suffering with CFS and/or FM what do you find are your three biggest obstacles to attaining and maintaining your ideal weight? For the first 4 years I had a very hard time gaining weight, now due to medicine I'm challenged with losing weight for the first time in my life. My three biggest obstacles to this are:

    1. Remeron - this stuff sets my appetite on fire and slows my metabolism (yes, it really does).

    2. Off work - I have Summers off and have more time to eat.

    3. I can't do the strenuous exercises I once could.

    My solution: I don't allow myself to eat in the morning until I've walked 2.5 miles & I'm doing Atkins before my gain of 15 pounds turns into something more.

  2. MissRachel

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    I , like Kim, have the same problem. I was 100 lbs for the first 24 years of my life. And now, because of the list below, i'm 155 lbs. Like I don't have enough stress in my life, I battle with bad body image.

    1. Elvail and zyprexa

    2. I can't do the strenuous exercises anymore, bye-bye gym.

    3. Have lost two jobs because of this DD and spend a
    lot of time on the couch playing Tetris.

    My solution is more fruits and veggies + lots of fiber, gentle walks and not looking in the mirror!LOL

  3. Shirl

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    Momicat has started a diet thread that is on the Chit Chat Board, its called; 'Chub Club', its sounds like a good place to start a diet and for support.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. zggygirl

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    1. can't exercise or haven't found the one I can do, due to foot pain. Thats the biggest one. When you can exercise you can eat ALOT more and not gain.

    2. Too tired & pained to grocery shop and cook so don't eat enough or as healthy as I used to

    3. DD has caused me to be underweight and I can not gain it back

    PS I am not really complaining about being underweight, I've always battled with yo-yo gain loss before DD and then considered myself to be overweight
  5. Frackie11382

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    My three were:

    1. Remeron-Same probs as you. I was put on them to help me gain weight (I was severely underweight at 20 yrs. and 87 lbs). The only problem was that in about 6 months I had gained 35 lbs! Major stretch marks on my body...and they're here to stay. I got off the rememeron but the weight has only dropped 5-9 pounds depending on the day. Not that I'm complaining about the extra weight I needed it, but I just didn't want to overstress my petite frame.

    2. Waitressing-Sounds like an oxymoron, but I go to work and come home and am too tired to exercise even though I'm "trying" to start doing Yoga.

    3. Time-I haven't got the time to exercise or to really cook well and eat right like I should. I wish I did, I'd prob. feel better. I also used to take dance classes, now I'm lucky to be able to take 9 hours of credits for college! I usually average 3-6 per semester!

    Friends in Fibro,

  6. pam_d

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    ...but I know that I had been carrying around about 30 extra pounds & since FM, hadn't been able to lose it. A few months ago, I found out about my food allergies & completely stopped eating starchy carbs (like anything made out of wheat, corn, potatoes) & dairy. Voila, I lost 28 lbs now, have only a couple more to go. For me, there was a direct correlation between stopping those starchy carbs & losing the weight. I went on the diet to improve my FM ("leaky gut" & food allergies making me sicker) and it did----losing the weight was just a surprise side effect of the diet! BTW, I do low carb, but NOT high fat/protein, like Atkins.

    Good luck, hope you get some responses here that helps you in your weight loss quest.