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  1. Plantscaper

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    Amongst the Olive Leaf Extract users, what symptoms have been improved with its use?

    For me, it has much improved my sinus symptoms: Less mucus, no sinus blockage from mucus, much fewer allergy symptoms (see book by Morton Walker, Nature's Antibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract)..It is suppose to treat chronic sinusitis, which was a longstanding problem for me..And

    Because my migraines were most frequently triggered by the histamines and resultant sinus blockages, I have not had a migraine in the last few weeks..which has been such a painful, and expensive disorder..with no health insurance..

    I feel that my energy level has improved....

    Although my neurological problems have not been totally reversed, this is the best improvement I have seen in a looonnnnngggggg time...

    I am not a person that has lauded the benefits of, actually, any supplements that I have used, as all the rest have not made much of an impact...

    Would like to know if others have made measurable improvements in their symptoms from this herbal miracle..and in which symptoms?

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  2. 2girls

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    other than feeling like crap, was that I had a more productive cough - mucous clearing. I am currently on antibiotics for a UTI so I have not taken it in a while. Also someone said to take a break once in a while? (I think it was yourself Amelia - not sure). So I will see how the antibiotics go.

  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Are there not more happy OLE participants???
  4. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Hi Amelia,

    I know Old-Dawg, Carmelite, Celticladee, Nini, Carla-NL were giving this a go, be nice to hear from you all...

    As you know Amelia, OLE made a huge difference to my daughter with Mycoplasma bacteria within 6 weeks.

    Trouble is, with feeling better, she now forgets to regularly take the supplements & OLE, and also drinks very little some days, so she has not progressed much further from the initial kick start.

    In January however,we all caught a cold, my stepson had bronchitis and my daughter a very nasty flemmy cough.
    We had run out of OLE and all I could find was a product by Higher Nature which had Echinacea, Black Elderberry, Myrrh and OLE, this stuff cured them in three days, I was amazed.

    I have been on OLE and noticed my tooth ache and bit of gum disease is no longer, so perhaps the OLE has taken care of that too...

    My fatigue has also improved, but can`t be sure if it is also down to healthy eating, supplements and rest.

    Amelia, I am so pleased to hear you are improving, that`s great news.

    Love Pat.
  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I have read that it can be very effective against bacterial infections of the teeth and healthy for the gums, as well as other areas of the body...It is really amazing what it can do..I have now, increased to 500mgx3/day..I have decided to not discontinue for short periods of time, because, soon as I do, my sinuses produce more mucus and I get reclogged, and I had a migraine as a result.. I noticed that some people take it continually..Do you really think your body will build up too much tolerance for OLE and it is necessary to have to short breaks?

    I am reading Nature's Antibiotic..By Dr. Walker, now..Do you know of any other books or articles on it..of course, I have found the Townsend Letter and have read some of Dr. Privitera's comments..but have not been able to find other sources.. I have found out that this is a relatively new herbal remedy...I like to do a lot of reading on any subject, I get really interested in...

    Good to hear from you, way over there..
  6. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Bumpety Bump...
  7. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    What neurological improvements have you seen? I'm curious as the neuro aspects of this DD are the worst for me! Also I get migraines, too. Did you start out slow with the OLE & gradually increase (what dosages, if so). Any add'l info you have would be appreciated!!

  8. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I had to start, slow, due to the herxing...So, I went to a brand that only had l50mg/capsule (Walmart brand, the norm is 450mg-500mg) and I only took one-two of those for a week or so, increasing gradually, all the while, noting my "herxs", and using detox measures..When I had gotten up to about 450mg/2-3/day, I was, then, able to move on to the Prohealth brand, which is 500mg/2 day, and now I am at 500mg/3/day...

    The initial dosing of the Prohealth brand created new herxing, again, so I believe it to be superior to the Walmart Brand, even though, the strength level is lower at l5% vs. 20%... I don't think, now, that those strengh levels mean so much, as I have done some reading on this and it seems that better quality OLE means more..

    I do not want to overexagerate the improvement of the neurological signs, as I have just noted the "clarity" of the thinking processes seems to be improving, as well, as a improvement in energy levels..I tend to be conservative in my observations, as I do not want to oversay good signs..

    For me, the most significant improvement has been in the area of clearing my sinuses, as I have had chronic sinusitis, which was about the same, after going through many treatments (last year, I had a sinus infection about every 6 weeks) of antibiotics last year..This time of the year, I usually experience H**L and I refer to it as March-April Madness, with numerous migraines triggered by the upstart of many allergens in the air..

    This is the first year, since I have been treating with OLE, I have hardly had any migraines..But if I don't take my three (500mg)xday, I start to experience the increase in the sinus symptoms, and it usually ,again, results in a migraine..as I was going to give myself some 2 day breaks from the OLE..Ole has been reported to be very effective in treatment of Chronic Sinusitis. .(See book by Dr. Walker, Nature's Anitibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract).

    If your migraines are triggered by histamines, you should likely get the same result..I did not develop migraines, until I started having allergies, so I have known that these two processes generally affect each other..During this bad season, I have, usually, had 1-2 migraines or more/day and, sometimes, a continuous migraine (which I experienced last year during the terrible Hayman fire, which was so smoky..I am allergic to the evergreen trees that were burning, therefore, releasing all that into my air..
    It is hard to describe, but I also, think this OLE is doing much more, but I hesitate to talk about it until I have been on it for longer..I have only been taking it for about 5-6 weeks..

    Hope this helps,

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  9. It might help to change the name of your subject, I wondered what the heck is OLE ??? I haven't ever tried it, but I was glad I stopped and read about it as I have chronic sinus infections too. I had never heard that OLE helped it. I might just give it a try, as right now I have a terrible sinus infection and dread calling for yet another antibiotic as they screw my entire system up. So for now I am trying to wait it out.
  10. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Point taken,
    I was trying to be concise, per what the moderators have said, and do spell it out at the beginning of the message, and this acronym has been used freqently, but for newbies I will see how I can change the title..

    but I would have been very grateful if I had known about this treatment last year, when I had to go so frequently to the doc to get treatment, that ultimately did not work so well in the long term..
  11. I meant no harm by telling you to change the title , just a suggestion, but I think it will get more replies. I know I didnt know about OLE But now that I do, believe me I am going to try it! What do we have to lose. I am soooo tired of getting one right after another sinus infection , plus if it helps with the fog thats a big plus too! THANKS!!!
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  12. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Hi Plantscaper, Pat & everyone else too,
    I haven't been posting much lately. Have had some bad spells. I started taking a product called 200 mg of Zen ( it also has 550 mg. GABA & 200 mg L-Theanine in it) Anyway... it gave me so much energy and a sense of well being that I began doing too much & the "push & crash" scenario began. At least I now know what my limits are truely as they have been tested. LOL.

    In regard to your post. I feel the OLE helps prevent my sinus/toothache/headache chronic symptoms. When I don't take it on weekends now they begin to return. I am thinking along the same line as you. The days off it aren't good for me now. I don't have burning sensations from it very often or very strongly now so I think I can just take it all week and be better off. Initally when I first began to take it I did notice a ressurgence in energy but I have gone beyond that now taking other things that are giving me energy so it is difficult to say how much energy it gives me now. Probably would depend on how much bacteria/virus action is occurring and being knocked off. I am taking 3 x 500 mg. a day now and it is going on my third month. I guess at this point I will take it beyond the 3 months because I don't want to suffer the above symptoms again. I was fever free until the "push & crash" began. Now I have a fever everyday as I try to recoop my losses.

    I am having a huge amalgam filling removed soon. Prework appointment is this Tues. so I am concentrating on antioxidants as well. I have added grape seed extract, selenium & milk thistle to the vit. C, E, & beta carotene I am taking. I dread going through this but I broke the corner off my molar so will now have to get the amalgam drilled out and a crown put on. UGH! Besides the health issues I am angry I have to fork out 800-900 bucks now. I really don't need this. I just got the hospital paid off this month! Well, enough whining. Thanks for listening.

    Your fellow sufferer,

  13. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Since I don't take Klonopin, I have been considering the GABA, too...I tend to overdo when I feel better, and then, the crash seems to always follow..My mother reiterates, Can't you ever learn from it? I am trying to slow down on trying to accomplish a whole lot, but it seems that ONE WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH, whatever has been put on hold, when you have those rare bursts of energy...

    I have a root-canal tooth that want hold the crown, now, too. This is a big molar, also, but it cracked last year and not much tooth was left, after that..I need to get to the dentist, but have put it, off..Dentists are becoming so outrageous in their fees, now..It is starting to become, can I afford to go, when I need medicine, more..I hope your tooth gets fixed, well..I used to go to the dentist every 6 months, until I found out how polluted the dental water was in their dental equipment..Be sure to use a lot of OLE, before you are exposed to that sludge..

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  14. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have no idea if your body gets used to the OLE, but I do wonder if taken continiously over long periods of time, the immune system slows down because the OLE is doing all the work.
    But in treating Mycoplasma it must be necessary to do this.

    I think it should be used to do a particular job, and taken for as long as necessary, and not as a regular precaution on a daily basis.

    I also think Depending on what you are treating, it`s essential to use with other supplements, - not just on it`s own.

    As you can see, I have posted an article I have on OLE, I guess this info is in your book, but found it interesting that OLE covers so many ailments, wonder if Garlic and Oregano Oil do the same though. Maybe you can tell me... I haven`t read up on these yet.

    It`s a coincidence you have dental problems, I also have a small piece of tooth which has come away exposing amalgum filling and I haven`t even considered phoning the dentist yet, I figure if it`s good enough to be showing on top then I can live with a tiny piece on the side too... Not lining his pockets.

    Just realised it`s 2 in the morning and I must get to bed.

    Have you read up on Astragalus? It`s highly recommended by my health store, it`s an anti-inflammatory and helps with allergens like hay fever, wondered if it may also help you with your sinus? It`s in the library here.

    Love Pat.
  15. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    was the first time I tried it..but where my brain swelled and had horrendous headaches which lasted about 4 days-(It felt like someone was chiseling into my head with a pickax).. then I slowly got better with decreasing symptomalogy..But, after that, I decided to go to much lower dosage and isolate just the OLE..First bottle has two other ingredients, to which I may have been allergic..

    When I changed to l50mg instead of 500mg, my "herxing" was a lot more manageable..It was flu-like, and slight headache...lasted a few days..then, started feeling better and have not herxed like that again, until I started a new bottle of Prohealth at 500mg (felt more feverish for a few days, with slight headache, extremely fatigued, etc... and since then, have not had the herxing phenomenon...

    So, you certainly, can get past those irritating "herxs" to symptom improvement in several areas.. Now, if I stop the OLE, my sinuses will start getting clogged and it leads to a migraine, increased fatigue.. See symptom improvement in first posting..It can improve a great deal of problems...also, read Pat Palmer's article on OLE posted today..

    Good Luck AND drink a lot of water,

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  16. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Hi Carla..

    Sorry to hear about your ABX problems..I was fearful that I would encounter the same resistance from non-CFS/FM knowlegable docs..don't have a good one in this area..but I thought that the new doc you went to was a well known advocate in our DDs..you mean, he will not lengthen your ABX treatment?!

    I am really glad I got past the HERXing period with the OLE..as I am feeling many benefits from it..AND in the sinus arena it is, particularly, effective..I am able to breathe much better and easier nowadays..None of the docs, I saw, including a ENT doc were of much help at all..

    Well, hopefully your problems will be resolved in the end..

    To good health and peace...
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  17. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    As well as my daughter, I have been on the Olive Leaf too, but only since January when we all came down with stinking colds.

    I`ve had so much more energy this week it actually feels good to be alive... My joint problem has improved and gum disease & tooth ache gone. My tongue is clear and sugar craving diminished.

    I have been much better all month but have waited to see if it lasted first.
    Am on other supplements too, but the energy coincides with taking the Olive Leaf.

    Wishing everyone well.

    Love Pat.
  18. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I am so glad to hear you feel better and validating the blood sugar and joint problem amelioration due to the OLE..
    I have the insulin resistance problem, which, I think since being on the OLE is correcting itself more with a stabilization of blood sugar..that is an effect I have read about in your literature and my book, but had not seen as a reported benefit on here..

    I have been trying to talk my mother into taking the OLE (she has profound Rhuematoid Vasculitis/Arthritis), but she needs to have a doc validate that it would be OK to take with her medications..which she is on many, however, but how many docs actually know about OLE?! The only concern, I see, is that she is on Coumadin, which a lot of meds/herbs/vitamins can interfere with, but do you know of any contraindications for mixing OLE with particular drugs?? I am going to talk to HER doc, but as I say, I doubt he knows...

    Also, I forgot to ask you if you know of people who have benefited from taking Nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme, hich is suppose to be a good alternative to Heparin to treat the hypercoagulation defect in our DDs??

    Good to hear from you,
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  19. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    It`s a good idea to ask the doc anyway about the OLE, take some literature for him to read, great way to educate them... I would assume that if it`s OK to have ABX then would be safe to have OLE.
    I have not read of any contradictions regarding OLE.

    The Coumadin you`r Mother is taking is an anticoagulant, is that for the Arthritis???

    I would imagine that taking anything which is also an anticoagulant is the detrimental factor...
    My Father has Arthritus too, and is taking Glucosomine for a while, will then try the OLE if no improvement.

    Just read up on Nattokinase, sounds brillient stuff, very potent at dissolving clots & fibrin in the blood.
    Be nice to find a practitioner who uses it for their results.
    As digestive enzymes get to the fibrin too, do you think it could be equally as good?

    My Mother has a cholestrol and digestive problem, I have suggested she take Digestive Enzymes both with and without food. She will have a blood test in Sept to see if her cholestrol count has reduced.
    The digestive enzymes have given much benefit already in preventing the heartburn she often had.

    Happy Easter to you too Amelia, I`ve asked for a bar of plain chocolate this year, only need a little of it to satisfy a sweet tooth.

    Love Pat.
  20. averilpam

    averilpam New Member

    I had no idea migraines could be related to histamine! I've had dermagraphism for years, ie constant histamine reaction causing intense itching any and everywhere unlesss I take antihistamines. I've also had migraines fortnightly for years. Never occured to me there could be a connection. I recently started taking a combination for the migraines (feverfew, Vit B2, Magnesium) which seemed to be working. I then started taking Echinacea when I got a cold (I thought of trying OLE but hadn't been able to find any at that time) I then got a truly horrendous migraine. I've stopped the echinacea for now in case it's a case of the dreaded herx reaction. As I'm off to see my daughter in the USA in a week I don't want anything to spoil my three weeks holiday.
    Now I'm wondering if (when I get back )I should try the OLE and risk the possible reaction if it will help long term???