poll first sign of fibro????

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  1. Mine was in my right thumb for over 2 years now my thumb feels jammed and if I jit it the wrong way it sends extreme pain through my hand.I also have a bumb in my thumb between my thumb and wrist.Just now after 2 years I am having other signs .Pain and burning in pelvis bones and hips and travels everwhere else you can imagine Ruthie
  2. SOmone please reply
  3. jennypee

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    I think my first sign was sleep problems. Maybe. As far back as I can remember I had problems falling asleep. (Before pre-school) According to my mom I wouldn't even sleep as a baby.

    The second was headaches. I don't remember exactly when they started, but they got bad after I hit puberty, in my early teens. My IBS started a couple years later. And then in my early 20's everything started to snowball.

    Hope you get more responses!

  4. tammy21

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    would have been in the shoulders starting back a couple of years ago.
  5. jakeg

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    Mine started in the arms and shoulders

  6. rainbowgc

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    Funny, mine was in my left thub area between my thumb and index finger. I was diagnosed from that 24 years ago.
  7. Shannonsparkles

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    My earliest childhood memories of being ill are headaches, deteriorating vision (around age 6), and feeling "so TIRED!!!" - "I'm so TIREDDDD!" was my catchphrase as a toddler; it was so funny to adults that they would immitate me.

    Later in elementary school, my immune system started to fail, I had 'growing pains', dental problems, depression, trouble sleeping and waking up, sighing, and I couldn't run half as fast as the other kids.

    It's continued to progress to where I am housebound for the last six years. I'm 23.
  8. sixtyslady

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    hi guys.
    my first sign was when I was a child with leg cramps.but you know we just didn"t know back then and when I would get sick as a kid it took me longer to get over it.I never could run as fast or play as hard as the other kids. I also realize that my mother had this too, she,s been gone 5 yrs now and she would tell me how her body would jerk at nite. we thought it was from one of her meds.everytime I go to a Dr they aks me what Meds I"m on and when I tell them none they look at me like thats impossible.they think everyone over 50 has to be on all kinds of meds but when my sister and i clean out moms house and one kitchen cupboard was nothing but meds i made a promise to myself I would not fall into this trap.theres always a time for meds but when a person is on more than 4or 5 its time to think about.have a great day. springs on the way.
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    My fibromyalgia started with generalized pain over the whole body and it continued to get worse. Then it was doctor shopping time. Good subject.
  10. Sandyz

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    My first sign was terrible growing pains as a kid. Then as I teenager I was hit with terrible anxiety. It was so bad I almost quit school. In my 20`s more anxiety and depression hit. I also developed endrometreosis and bad pain in my upper back that would`nt let up.

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  11. SusanEU

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    Definitely the insomnia and anxiety panic attacks over a few years before the pain started in my neck and shoulders.

    Sue in Ontario
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    Woke up one morning with a stiff neck.Than it moved on . Now I have FM.

  13. Busyknitter2

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    Mine was going from Dr. to Dr. and being told it was a virus or the flu but it never went away. My husband took me to an immediate care one weekend because I was hurting so badly. The Dr. walked in, asked me how I was feeling. When I told him all that was wrong he saide if I was a betting man I would bet that you had fibro. I finally got my regular family Dr. to send me to a rheumy.
  14. KerryK

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    My first symptoms were likely my growing pains in the legs. They were severe. I also suffered odd problems with my legs and hips like knees locking and sudden collapse of a leg. I always had trouble sleeping even as a child.
  15. dreamharp

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    Was terrible sinus infections that defied medical treatment.

  16. CarolK

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    Next was constant pain at base of skull and stiffness in head, neck and shoulders.

    Then came the constant "flu-like" feeling... just feeling like crap most of the time and not knowing why!

    Next was an official diagnosis of Polymyalgia Rheumatica... followed by a year on steroids/prednisone.

    After that came the constant aching all over my body and the official diagnosis of FM/CFS!

    Don't let anyone tell you this DD is NOT progressive!! It has just slowly progressed. Some days are better than others... but the constant achey feeling and pains are there everyday from one degree to another!

    So since some of the common signs were present as a child... I cannot blame "DIET SODA'S"... cause they were not invented back in the late forties and fifties! Also there were many other environmental factors present today that were not around when I was a child. So what explains all the childhood pains and constant sore throats??

    Thanks for letting me share my "aches and pains" Ruthie! Oh yes... I am 61, how old are you??

    Soft Hugs... CarolK
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    I have been chronically ill since I was about 5. It was always "invisible" and thats when the tests started. I swear I saw every specialist at the Children's Hospital. They all had the same answer "tests are negative. she is fine. Has she seen a psychiatrist? Is everything ok at home?"

    I started with stomach issues, what we now know was IBS, growing pains, abdominal pains, pelvic pains, sleeplessness...I don't think I have ever slept through a whole night without waking, leg pain ("growing pains"), days I would feel sick for no reason...and so on...

    My mom got FM when I was 9. I am 30 now, I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I watched my mom go through this and what the docs said to her and it still took them 25 years to say this is what I have...
  18. AnneTheresa

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    I've been in pain of some sort since I was a child.

    At 16 my back was so sore I could barely sit or stand, then at 21 (after the birth of my 2nd child) I began having terrible chest pains.

    It was the chest pains that caused me to visit the doctor as I was afraid for my heart. The doctor said my chest wall was inflamed and he diagnosed with muscular arthritis. In later years the diagnosis was updated to fibromyalgia.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  19. smiffy79

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    sleep~ lack of it. spasms in my feet and painful knees.
  20. Shananegans

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    Apparently, as it was figured out later, my first sign of fibro was when I became allergic to cold (cold anything, ice, winter... yada yada) when I was 8 or 9. I can't even go swimming in a pool that is less than 85 degrees for more than 5 minutes without breaking out in hives and cold winter air makes me gasp for air... and really cold ice cream and milkshakes make my throat swell up until it warms back up.

    The next sign that was bad enough for me to start asking questions didn't hit until I was between 18 and 20... my legs got so bad I could walk more than 2 blocks without extreme pain and if I would try to stay awake when I was tired, my legs would go into extreme spasms that still happen to this day... that was when I had enough and started demanding that someone pay attention.