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  1. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    I've heard stories about some of the silly things that we FMers do.

    I was making coffee this morning and after I washed out my cup and dried it with a paper towel, I threw my cup away instead of the paper towel. It actually took me a few seconds to realize what I did and why I had a paper towel in my hand. LOL

    Sometimes you just got to laugh.

    Let's hear your story.

  2. lisjhn

    lisjhn New Member

    As I'm losing my strength from this DD from not being able to exercise, I refuse to aknowledge it and sometimes try to do the things I used to be able to do.

    On my good days I think I can change our water bottles that go in our hot/cold dispenser and twice now I have dropped them from up high as I almost got it in there and busted them wide open....and let me tell you, 5 gallons all over the dining room floor makes for a small bath! I'm just not as strong as I used to be. And believe you me, I pay for it the next day.

    Sorry not really a funny story, I'm sure I can think of something else, just that I almost busted another one open today is why I brought that up.

  3. TxMissy

    TxMissy New Member

    This morning I was getting on the computer and I marked off yesterday on the calender (have to do this every morning so I know what day it is) and I noticed that it was the 22nd. I got all happy and thought it was my friends birthday! So I emailed her a HAPPY BD! About 10 minutes later she came on line and IM'd me and said, "Hey silly! Thanks for the card! But my birthday is Feb 22! This is January 22!" Then she asked if I was OK, and if I was on my pain med's already! Oh well...just a little early for once!

    Another one that I did during the holidays was that I had gone present shopping and had switched cars with one of my parents. I walked out of the store and was looking all over for my car and I got all upset! Then I remembered that I had switched cars, but couldn't remember what car I had, so I had to pull the cell phone out and call mom and asked her what was I driving! She made me stay on the phone with her until I was on my way home! It was very upsetting at the time, but we laugh about it now! :0)

  4. LindaLoonyTunes

    LindaLoonyTunes New Member

    Last winter I came out of the grocery store with a cart full of groceries. It was one of the stores where you cannot remove the carts from in front of the store (Poles are set up around store). So I asked the bagger to please watch my cart while I got my car. Well I got in my car - drove to another store - shopped about 20 minutes - got back in the car and looked in the back seat for the groceries - then I parked got out and looked in the trunk - I was stumped! Then I remembered - went back to the grocery and the bagger was still standing there! Gave him a nice tip and drove off shaking my head (gotta wonder what he was thinking when I pulled out of the lot!)

    My other one was at Casino Niagara at about 2 a.m. met up with my friend and all of a sudden looked at her and said " I LOST MY PURSE! I jumped up and ran to find the lost and found - no purse - got a couple of security employees involved - the one asked where i was sitting and I told him. As I walked away I remembered telling my friend I had my money and my ID - THEN I PICTURED THE PURSE THROWN ON THE BED IN THE ROOM! I was tooooo embarrassed to fess up to anyone! It was my birthday too and on the way back to the room I was telling my friend the best part of my birthday - she said linda, your birthday isn't over you still have all day tomorrow!
  5. nogilroy

    nogilroy New Member

    i am the same as you i will be cleaning the kitchen up and if i cant find want i have now lost i just go to the garbage can and there is what i have lost .other things that are important to me are still lost some where in my house some day they will turn up .my son was teasing me about this last week about losing things . the awnser i gave him was i never lost him or his sister we had a good laugh over that.another thing is if i am worried or a little stressed i will repeat the same thing over over that can be a drag also to others to hear oh well
  6. KAZZE

    KAZZE New Member

    I let the dogs outside, then wonder where they are.
    I have to use a timer when I'm cooking, or I easily forget what I'm doing and everything burns.
    I constantly get my days (and dates!) mixed up.
    I get to the shops and wonder what I'm doing there - sometimes I wonder where I'm going befor I even get there!
    I have to keep important things( keys/purse/handbag/stick) in the same place so I don't "loose" them. My children have become very good at hunting down lost things for me!
    I keep my meds in an organizer so I know if I've taken them.
    I constantly get words wrong, or find I don't know how to say what I'm trying to say - VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
    How do I cope with all this??
    Lots of lists and rotas, and a good sense of humour!!!!

    All the best,
  7. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    "Opps, another brain fart" is my most used expression and boy if you don't laugh about them you will go crazy. My hubby who also has memory problems (but then he is 15 yrs older) asks after I do something like put something in the freezer instead of cupboard..."You been eating headcheese again?" LOL, get it? eat headcheese...have brain fart.

    After needing to call AAA to jump my car after leaving the lights on four times in a matter of a few months I put a sign on my steering wheel that said "Lights" but now I forget to put the car in park and wonder why it won't start when I go out to again!! At least that doesn't require a call to AAA so what the heck.

    Thanks Laura for the great post...I got a big kick reading others silly stories and it sure helps to chuckle at ourselves. Someone should get stories together for a book!!

    PS: A good thing I find helpful so you don't lose things in the trash...before adding another item just take a good look and ask everyone else to do the same.

    Best wishes for a "fog-free" day!!

  8. kalynn1

    kalynn1 New Member

    No one ever embarrasses me because I do a fine job all by myself.

    I call my daughter by the dog's name and the dog by my daughter's name. I call people and can't remember who I called once they answer the phone. I forget what I'm saying, going to say, or what I said. I have post it's all over my cubicle at work to remind me things (although I have an extremely complicated and detailed job so there's lots of little things to remember all the time.) I forget where I'm driving too and pass my turn all the time. I mix up my words when I'm talking.

    One time I lost my keys in WalMart. I searched my purse three times and couldn't find them. Sure I left them somewhere in the store, my daughter and I back tracked everywhere I went, asked every employee in the store and still no keys. I was so upset!!! I was crying and went in my purse to get a tissue and there was my keys!!! I was so embarrassed I ran out of the store and cried in the car!

    I hack up pills after putting them on the back of my tongue to swallow cuz I can't remember what I took. I take my pills and can't remember if I took them. I'm constantly asking my daughter if I took my pills and she always says the same thing "How should I know?" I need an assistant in life to keep track of everything!!

    Well, that's all I can thing of for now. I feel like a big Airhead most of the time. Keeps us laughing though...when I'm not crying that is...
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I do things like that all the time. Threw my bankstatment in the gabage day before yesterday, I had to go thru the garbage twice to find. I put it inside the take out food bag from dinner! Once when I was painting kitchen cannisters in the kitchen my room mate paid me $300.00 he owed me and , yup it too ended up in the garbage when I cleaned up my mess. When paying bills, i put my mortgage check in the cable bill and visa versa. The cable co loved it, can't say that about the mortgage but I didn't have to pay a penalty. I do painting and wanted some new colors, so while at walmart for meds i bought my paint. i spent a lot of time looking for right colors i needed for my project. When I got home and went to put them away, I already had them! and do not know when I bought them, a total blank. I am glad to know I am not alone. One more- I saw in the paper there is a fibro support group in my town so I put it on my calendar and remembered that morning, then around 7:45 it hit me duh, the meeting was at 7:00
  10. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I DID IT TODAY! OH, my God, oh, my God! For those of you who are unfamilair with it, Zostrix cream is made with capsaisin, derived from hot chilis. It stops substance P, which causes pain caused by nerve problems. Careful, keep it out of your eyes, etc.


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  11. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I've actually said this in my fourth-grade class. Can you imagine the howls of laughter?

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  12. popgun

    popgun New Member

    I can't think of one though I have many, this is a great idea HUMOR is always welcome,I don't think anyone will top yhe grocery one that takes the cake,I love to laugh at myself sometimes its the best.
  13. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    that I use the smoke detector as an oven timer. I go to the store and call home in a panic because I can't find my car (a Neon coupe). Hubby says "It's the biggest thing in the parking lot. How can you lose it?" I go back out and immediately locate my 1 ton crew cab. Before I retired, my relief driver used to drive my car to the relief point so I could get out of town sooner. After watching my bus drive away, with my car keys on the dash and my car parked in a tow away zone, I started carrying at least 3 sets of keys to work. At least life with one of "us" is rarely boring!
  14. RoZzZ

    RoZzZ New Member

    I had recently been camping so our family had to use communal showers which were approximatly 50 meters away from our tent. Because of memory problems I have to repeat things to myself all the time. By day 4 all my meds were messed up and I could feel myself getting worse. This particular day I was so tired but still had to shower my 5 year old and myself, so I started to gather everything that we needed making sure not to forget anything, anyway we're in the shower flapping away like ducks...felt fantastic...but........when we finished I looked up and...NO TOWEL!
    Well the first thing that went through my head was to jump up and down and shake ourselves dry...stupid thought (I have long hair..impossible)
    Here we were naked and a long way from our tent. I decided to use my "dirty" clothes to dry us off. I had to wrap my hair in my skirt. My daughter thought it was hilarious.
    You see, I used up all my concentration on taking shampoo,soap, clean clothes etc that I had forgotten one of the most important things.
  15. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    I have caught myself throwing things away that I didn't intend to throw away, putting things in the refrigerator that don't belong and I am constantly misplacing things. My most recent fibro fog moment has been that my significant other will go out and start my car to warm it up before I leave in the morning. Then I will put my coat on and head toward the door and ask where my car keys are. For this same reason I put my car keys in a particular place every time I come in from driving some where. I am starting to think my significant other thinks I have the beginnings of Alzheimer's.

  16. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    I think we all could contribute a little something to this poll.
    I myself recall once when I tried to do multiple things at once. (Won't do multiple's anymore)
    I was washing a load of laundry on the 3rd lower level, went upstairs to the 2nd level and started to run the kitchen faucet to do a few dishes. Went to the 3rd upper level to start my bathwater.
    My husband said why is the kitchen water running? He said the tub was also full to the brim.
    I of course was sitting down with him watching T.V. while all this occured. What a disaster. Told him I simply forgot.
    Won't do multiple's anymore.
    Thanks for the laughter guys.
    Soft teddy hugs.
  17. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    This is a good question.
    Add to it.
    Need a little humor every now and then.
  18. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    I put ice cream in the fridge, and the remote to the TV in the pantry. We looked all OVER for the darn remote! I also started to put a gallon of milk in the pantry. Now THAT would have been interesting - NOT!
  19. desertlily

    desertlily New Member

    I was just sitting here eating my breakfast and reading all of these posts, you guys really had me laughing! What a great way to start the day! I kept thinking, "I've done that!"

    One day I went to the mall and as I parked my car, I looked around, trying to imprint on my brain where it was. I went in, did a little shopping, came back out the way I came in.... or at least the way I THOUGHT I'd come in! I looked to where my car should be and it wasn't there! I frantically walked up and down the aisles searcing for it, and by then I'm exhausted and near tears and sure that it's been stolen. I went back inside to call my husband and then I noticed the other entrance across the way, I went out there and sure enough, there was my car!! I was just SO sure I knew where it had to be, that I couldn't think of any other possibility. I'm just so glad that I hadn't called the police or something!

    I also once dumped a pan of spaghetti down the sink, when I forgot to put the colander there, and of course I too have thrown many utensils away while cleaning the kitchen.

  20. cmcm

    cmcm New Member

    I have done so many of the same things. But one of the funniest for me had to be the time I showered, got out and started to dry off, only to realize I had only shaved one leg! Had to hop back in and finish the other. And another time, I was getting out and realized I hadn't rinsed the conditioner out of my hair!! LOL

    Thank goodness we can laugh at ourselves!